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[340+Feedback|2009 Join Date] Buying/Selling Oldschool Runescape GP at Competitive and Negotiable Pricing

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Why Trade With Me?:

Over 359+ Positive Feedback score at PowerBot

Thousands of successful trades, Trillions of GP handled.

•Over 10 years of black market experience

•Professional, smooth trades, without any hiccups!


Buy now from only:

24M and under - $1.37/M

25M - 49M - $1.36/M

50M - 74M - $1.35/M

75M - 99M - $1.34/M

100M+ - $1.33

Prices are flexible based on competitor pricing and market conditions!


If you are purchasing over 25M via PayPal we may require you to provide an image of your ID dependent on other factors.


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Third time around I've purchased some gold off of YoHoJo, Professional service and a fast, easy trade. Also tried to help me out with some Membership when I tried to log-in after it expired this morning. He's an 09'er on PB and as one myself, can only recommend him highly.. why use anyone else?

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