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Why you're getting banned.

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Created this quick 10-minute thread due to the past threads of mains getting banned and such.


1. You get greedy


So you tried this one script and botted for 8 hours in day one, and didn't get banned. "Great! I'm going to do this everyday!" you said. So.. you ended up doing the same in day 2.

Sure, you could get away if you're lucky; but if you think you can bot for like 8+ hours straight without having a good chance of getting banned, you crazy. Take some breaks! Heck, especially if you're actually botting on an account that you don't want to lose(like your beloved main account), I'd say don't even bot on the daily. At the same time, mix things up. Play legitimately from time to time.


2. Your method might suck


Some methods are going to have higher ban-rates compared to others. For example, it's pretty obvious that doing something heavily botted like blast furnace is going to have higher banrates than something like let's say, a castle wars script or something like that.


Pick your scripts. I'm not saying that don't use scripts such as blast furnace, but I personally wouldn't use it on my main. Mostly, if I'm doing something for gold(and not exp), I'd do it on my goldfarm accounts. Pretty much accounts made specifically to make money off, that I wouldn't get pissed off if the account ended up getting banned.


3. Free scripts


First and foremost, a free script doesn't automatically mean it's going to be better than a premium script. It's just that chances are, if a script is fee, there will be far more people using the script, hence there will be far more accounts having the same in-game actions and movement patterns; in which in my opinion, is a significant factor when factoring out ban-rates.


In my opinion, free scripts < premium scripts < private scripts


Final Thoughts


Most of these stuff concerning botting and goldfarming is going to be subjective, simply because there's no way for us to 100% confirm if a certain thing increases the chances of you getting banned or not, well, unless you straight-up ask a Jagex employee. So yea, feel free to disagree with me.

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2 hours ago, thectrlkey said:

could've just said botting


ayye. some people need a more specific explanation. 🤷‍♂️

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