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Welcome all,


We are going to be running a competition over the next 3 weeks (end date: 14 August 2020) in which 10 lucky people will be able to enjoy premium botting at no cost! The best part? You don't really have to do anything you don't already do. It's no secret that due to internet forums becoming a dwindling breed thanks to the creation of discord and similar apps the site has appeared slower than it once did, however our numbers simply have not budged so we know you haven't gone anywhere... you're just not talking to each other. That's all fine, however this sadly means that our script writers don't get to enjoy your very much appreciated feedback.


Back in 2010, before I knew any coding, I sat down and created my first script for RSBot, overnight I had over 100 replies telling me how good it was - and that praise is a big part of what got me into programming as a career - and I know hundreds of other people are the same. But now, script writers do not get to hear your praise (and concern?) and we want to give this back to them along with the recognition they deserve. For this competition, all you have to do is post a short review of a script you have used, following the format outlined below!


On the 14th August 2020 we will pick:

  • 1 Lucky winner for LIFETIME VIP membership
  • 1 Lucky winner for $100.00 Store Credit
  • 5 Lucky winners for 1 month VIP membership



To increase your chances of winning, there are only very minor limits to how many times you can enter: You may enter once per hour, providing you are reviewing a different script each time!


Whether you want to slay dragons to get some money while increasing your combat stats, or stand in a bank stringing bows to raise your fletching, there is a script for you - and there has never been a better time to use it & review it!


Review Format:


Script Name: 

How you used the script: (what did you kill, did you range, melee, string bows etc?)

How do you rate/recommend the script:


So why not try your luck? We know you're already using RSBot - check out these amazing report below:









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Script Name:  Prayer Pro


How you used the script: (what did you kill, did you range, melee, string bows etc?)

Gaining prayer levels by boning the gilded altar


How do you rate/recommend the script:

Genuinely the best script I've ever run.


This script got me my prayer cape. That's meant that my kids have come back to me, the ex-wife wants to marry again, my hair has grown back, my acne has gone. Telekeninesis is also coming on nicely, I can almost feed myself with a spoon like in Matilda.


I leave the script running while I do my my usual relax routine, 6000 push-ups, 8500 crunches, bench bressed 30 plates, etc. etc. you know the drill.

By the time I was done (3 minutes later) the bot had efficiently offered all of my bones at the altar without a single missclick. Genuinely amazing. Must have 99.99999% accuracy or something.


Honestly it'd be easy to overlook how good this script is; but when you're more mature and have over 350k in assets you'll realise just how important this bot is to your life. I don't think I could ever be without it.


EDIT: The prayer cape has been attracting women from across the country, it's becoming a real problem. Help, I don't think I can keep them out for much longer.

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Script Name: RzCaves

How you used the script: I used it to play around with @RZME during the initial stages of release, we both had a ton of fun, talked a lot of bs together and fixed it up nice.

I used a ton of different combat styles and even got a few Craw's bows on low level accounts during the debugging process ^.^

How do you rate/recommend the script: From my experiences is if you're using it on personal level not doing 10+ accounts or level 3 farms like I did you'll have a good experience, just don't bot your mains or accounts you like its strictly for gold farming :D


@Chris thanks for this and I'm sure a ton of people will enjoy posting here and explaining their experiences good or bad hehe.


Yellow Hat

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I'm not even sure if older scripts from pre-eoc years would count as well but might as well give that a shot. This was way back when I was just plain lazy and couldn't be bothered getting xp on school nights lol. If you want me to test and review a more recent script for this, please let me know.


Script Name: Auto Woodcutter


How you used the script: (what did you kill, did you range, melee, string bows etc?) I used it to cut ivys during the day or night.


How do you rate/recommend the script: I've never used it more than 8 hours at a time which is actually a long time for botting today. It has gotten several accounts of mine to 99 woodcutting and none of them have received any flags or bans during the whole time I've used it. It was a good one for newbies to start with and use daily and I would have recommended it if it still existed today. (Pretty sure it got removed in 2012 or 2013?)

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Script Name: Auto Hill Giants ( the free one that was available a while back )

How you used the script: (what did you kill, did you range, melee, string bows etc?) Hill giants ofc, when I had just started back runescape again as you can never just quit, I was such a noob again and couldn't go through the grinding to get my stats to how it looked in rs3, so I decided to search for good old reliable only to find out the webpage has changed now fast forward 2 weeks finally got onto to the site checked out the scripts and saw the hill giants one instantly got a nostalgic feeling and remembered grinding it out here so many years ago so I knew this was the script for me logged in set it up and was over crowded f2p where it didn't make sense quickly put on members in osrs hopped worlds and had hill giants all to myself after a week of doing the recommended time and realizing no one was ever around I stopped caring and was easily doing 16 hrs of botting I absolutely loved this script as it got my stats up so fast , barely need to use any food once your defence level gets high and you can just remain their making profit and lots of xp as you could've just selected the stackable items

How do you rate/recommend the script: 8/10 as at times we would've gotten a little error but I believe that was from Jagex updates , I would recommend this script if the free were still there to anyone who has a low to mid level account and would like to successfully sustain bonds as well as making a decent amount of profit can upgrade gears so easily with little to no cost or expense to you here.

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Used Mr Hunter,  Ran on a few test accounts got 93 on my ironman as well as 70+ on the main, made about 30m maybe didn't do chins. Mostly used Nom's scripts they are pretty great, only had accounts banned for other reasons such as emails being close together and botting them together(suicide) have and will continue to recommend his Hunter script really is flawless, 


PS: Email about the client update and this giveaway is what brought me back. May stick around.

Edited by Quinn Marsh

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Script Name:  SAuto Figther


How you used the script: (what did you kill, did you range, melee, string bows etc?)

Use this bot on two accounts (not at the same time) to take it to 70 in free attack in the Hill giant zone


How do you rate/recommend the script:

I think it's absurd that it's still free. It's even better than the payments I've tried.

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