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[Free] Advanced Cow Killer - Loots, kills, cooks, repeats. Unlimited hours at cows!

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What does it do?

Kills cows fresh from tutorial island. All you need is a gear of your choice (currently only supports melee), and the bot will run for days. 

It will kill cows and then loot only your own raw beefs. When low on food, it will start a fire (tinderbox and hatched needed) and cook raw meat.  This means you could run this bot forever. 

Bot will also run away when in danger (no food while figthing).

I have also implemented severeal anti-ban and made use of anti-pattern techniques. 


  • Melee and ranged only  (Raged only if using regular arrows that says something like "There is  no ammo left ". Not sure if bolts etc. works. Also magic is not yet tested
  • Tinderbox &  hatchet in inventory
  • If you start at lumbridge: 1 cooked shrimp or 1 bread (you get both from finishing tutorial island), or a cooked beef
  • If you start at cow area you don't need any food. Bot will automatically loot raw beefs if you have no food at all (as long as there are some on the ground).



How / where to start:
Start at lumb or at cow area. 


Progress reports:

16 hour proggie using bronze sword and wooden shield - straight from tutorial island:



Next version will include:

- More antiban / anti-pattern

- Optimize looting

- Add support for looting cow hides only with banking

- Add support for choice of looting options (i.e. what to loot)

- Add support for burying bones

- Add two other cow areas to list (currently only north-east of lumbridge is implemented)

- Make iron-man friendly 

-  Switch to popular world if we need food but there is no on ground, pick up raw beefs there, then switch back to the world player began in




Advice: Don't use for 10 hours straight. No people creates an account and hits cows for 10 hour straight. Bot smart, please. 

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Great script!


Occasionally when trying to cook, the fire will be slightly hidden by the tree so it'll just keep trying to use the meat with the tree and failing. However cooking was only needed twice so I only saw it happen once. Maybe add something to rotate the screen after failed clicks idk.


I love the tracking of anti-bans done over time as well as the way it gives a status of exactly what it's attempting to do


Suggested added feature:

After about 2 hours, food isn't really necessary as long as defense is being trained. Maybe add something that if food hasn't been needed in X amount of time to drop all uncooked beef and keep on trucking. Maybe even add an option enable collecting and burying bones once food isn't needed anymore (ONLY from kills done by you) if desired but idk how hard that would be or how necessary.


Been running for about 3 hours so far, watching it and such. I'll post some proggy pics later.

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Added info

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Two hour progress pic. Will add more as it runs.




I was going to post some more updates, but I came back from a shit break to see someone had tried to trade me over and over and called me a bot and reported me. I stopped the bot but kept killing cows manually trying to seem similar to the bot, then logged off after another half hour. Came back a few hours later to find I was banned. MY FAULT, NOT THE SCRIPTS


Word to the wise. Monitor your bots.

Edited by TheCas3y
Lol whoops.

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This is the point where it gets stuck. If you level up or take too long to light the fire then it will not be able to directly click the fire and will get stuck clicking the tree.







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Added correct image

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Ran the bot for less than 10 minutes, when it went to find trees the bot walked from the cows to behind lumbridge castle still searching for trees, ended up at the coal/mith/addy mining spot by tutorial island/wizard tower

Edited by Jenks

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Not sure how that happened, @Jenks but I did some modifications.


@TheCas3y I should've fixed the problem - but regarding the suggested features, I have written a task to do it, make it all optional Haven't yet had time to do it.

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I just got a permanent ban while using this script. 


Edit: I feel like I left out some pertinent information. I do not have the VIP for RSBot so scripts will only run at a max of 4 hours at a time for me. I did not leave this script running for 10+ hours. I only used it once which is when I got banned. I had left it running overnight while I slept, so bad on me for not monitoring the bot as it ran.  However, to be banned using the script only one time and for no more than 4 hours, I feel that the risk for using this script is pretty high unless you're going to sit and watch your bot run the entire time to avoid people reporting you for botting. 

Edited by Vvolcom92
Left out information, oops

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10 hours ago, Vvolcom92 said:

I just got a permanent ban while using this script. 


No offense, and not to take away from OP's work, but it's pretty obvious that cows' banrates are quite high.

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