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RSBot's all NEW: Plugins!

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Hey powerbotters!


Plugins, in the Old School RuneScape scene are nothing new, in-fact there are clients specifically designed to solely offer plugins. However, these clients rarely offer you an actual advantage, they just offer some cool visuals. What if we told you that if you don't want to bot, but still want some great benefits for levelling and moneymaking, you can do that with RSBot!


RSBot is proud to release our first plugin for Zulrah, aptly named "Zulrah Plugin", with this plugin you can still play the game manually. To this date our Plugin script has not had any reported bans, but can help you make up to 3Million GP per hour in OSRS!


Are you looking to learn the best methods for Zulrah? Do you need a kill for your Western Province diary? Or maybe you want a pet, the snakeling? But maybe... you don't want to bot? Well, don't bot - but you can still get the edge


Our Zulrah Plugin will tell you the best prayer to use, and when to activate it. It will tell you when and where to click, when to switch armour, when to eat even! It includes safe spots, and much much more. And it will never take control of your mouse!






Plus: If you suggest a plugin idea (either on this topic as a reply, or to our contact us form) and we make it, we will give you free access for 3 MONTHS! (You must be the first person to suggest it!).


FINALLY! Use Coupon Code 15ZULRAH for 15% off your purchase!



Or maybe you just want to bot zulrah? You could do that too with this alternative product: click here.

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