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Coronavirus / COVID-19 - Keeping your devices safe

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Todays news headlines can be scary, it is full of gloom and panic. When you go out to the shops everyone is panic buying, and it's no longer because of the virus. They are panicking because the shelves are empty which in itself causes people to buy anything they can see. The truth is, there is little you can do as an individual, other than to make yourself as safe as possible. This is not only for your sake, but for the sake of the vulnerable people you may come into contact with. You may be confident you can fight off the virus, but can your parents, grandparents, siblings? Now is not a time to be selfish, think of the bigger picture and take the necessary actions.


Here at powerbot the majority of our users are young adults in education, and we also have a large number of programmers - both professionally and in education. Every one of you has a mobile device, most of you have games consoles, all of you have a computer, and some of you are sharing computers with family members (or even strangers at work or school). There is general advice available on staying clean, but we thought it would be useful to post some that would specifically help our community members. Below you will find some advice on cleaning devices.


Doctors have stated that they believe the risk really comes from being in close contact with a symptomatic person for >15 Minutes, however the virus can live on surface (like your devices) for several days. If you touch something with the virus and then touch your face you risk infection.


Phones (Android, iPhone, all phones!)

Apple has confirmed that it is safe to use disinfectant wipes on your cell phones, the only thing they have said is to not submerge it (obviously). If you don't jave any disinfectant wipes you are fine to even use a multi-surface cleaner - however spray a small amount onto a clean cloth first, and then wipe over the phone, and then wipe off fully with a clean cloth. These products are not safe to eat or drink, so wash your hands thoroughly afterwards, and do not go licking your phone! You should repeat this every few hours, and avoid letting other people touch your phone.

Read more: Apple | BBC


Keyboards and Mice

Similarly to above, disinfectant wipes are the way to go. And if you have none, any disinfectant cleaner will work but do not drown your product. Spray onto a cloth and wipe gently, and then wipe off with a clean cloth. Keyboards typically will have removable keys, and we recommend removing all the keys and doing a full clean initially followed by a wipe clean every morning, afternoon, and night - and after anyone else uses the device, or before you do (if it is a shared device).

Read more: iFixIt (Laptop) | PC World


Game Controllers (xbox, playstation)

Again, disinfectant wipes are the way to go. And if you have none, any disinfectant cleaner will work but do not drown your product. Unlike the above, game controllers typically have some rubber on them so you want to avoid any alcohol based cleaners as this can ruin the rubber. This should be repeated every 6 hours or less, and before/after any one else uses your device.

Read more: Business Insider | WikiHow



Your desk should have a full wipe down with a disinfectant wipe, or a cloth with disinfectant.

Read more: How to clean things


All of the above advice will be rendered useless if you do not wash your hands properly! Wash your hands for atleast 20 seconds, using hot soapy water.



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