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MrSmith - Smelt bars | Smith items | Superheat | Alchemy | Ring of Forging | Coal bag | Energy/Stam potions


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41 minutes ago, daawson said:

hey mate when trying to smith iron bars it clicks on steel , i think by pressing "3" key instead of "2". cheers

Fixed, apparently the interface is different for members and f2p.



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1 hour ago, Kehkehaha said:

Misclick. You need to find a right angle so they stay for few hours. If not, you will end up stuck at furnace do nothing or just near bank. 


And if you can improve, i smelt bronze bar. They keep withdraw 14 tin ore and 28 copper ore. 

The script will stop in 2 minutes if it is stuck.

Will check the other issue.



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On 2/10/2020 at 1:52 AM, bogisti said:

doesnt bank

doesnt bank falador


On 2/10/2020 at 7:18 PM, GromBoy said:

yeah doesnt bank in fally, starting from either banks

Please use Edgeville furnace as it's closer, will take a look at Falador soon.



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  • Nom changed the title to MrSmith - Smelt bars | Smith items | Superheat | Alchemy | Ring of Forging | Coal bag | Energy/Stam potions
3 hours ago, Jesus Navas said:

I worked well making cannonballs and now it's stuck, open the bank and close it, open it close it and it doesn't work anymore in Edgeville.

Send the log under Help>View log.



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Thanks for this nice script. I used it for smelting in Al Kharid.


I noticed some issues:

- Often it first first walks into kebab store or behind smelting building before clicking on the furnace.

- When heading back to the bank it often click on a wrong location on the map which causes a bot to move back and forth between bank and smelting building.

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