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Yellow Hat

Suspicious activity.

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Pms me the exact same time as someone else does on discord asking for me to MM a trade, the other user buying gold isn't on powerbot I said im not MM'ing a trade unless both parties are on here and post their unique ids on the thread.


User in question is trying to rush me I tell him I'm not going to do the trade tonight because I have a repetitively short amount of time left tonight and can't wait for the btc to process..


They both "add" me to 2 separate group discord chats I leave 1 and state there's no need to have 2 open its confusing and then proceed to just say never mind I dont have time tonight left the other group chat.


User above pms me on powerbot and asked me to confirm its me, I copy pasted me saying no directly from discord and stated my UID + "I'm not going to MM any trades tonight maybe tomorrow if everything works out".


Roughly 10 minutes later he pms me saying he just got scammed for 270m and said an imposter got him...?


I'll copy paste the discord text real fast as I'm off to bed in less than 5 minutes and only making this because it seems this user is attempting to do 2 things.


#1 either scam other users out of their currencies.


#2 He is himself impostering and trying to get money that he actually didn't lose.


I'll report the PM I sent to him as well linking his gold selling thread now as you can see he's claiming the exact same "scam" happened to him yesterday or w.e.



His exact words on there are... 



NO BS HERE, I KEEP IT SHORT AND SWEET <---this hapend lost 320m today

1.first dude had 40feedback

2. nd guy did a clever Mm scam with imposter account, when the real one left group, (he created 2groups at start, stupid me) (cuz of it, not going first, or not using MM anymore) 


Accepting: SEPA (European Bank Transfer), Western Union, Bitcoin
Sell price: $0.52/m"


He's acting like all these imposters are after him??


Seems to be a recurring incident if its true which is almost completely unlikely and feel staff should review this case @Yoshiki @Chris @DopeAssFreshPrince 






Posted the picture, above of the conversation, I told him i didn't have time and didn't want to log with the gold on my acc.. So he said "it's okay you can log with it" even though the gold was for the other party not for him so I'm not sure what made him think any of this was right.


Maybe he really is just new to all this and is getting imposter scammed but I highly doubt it and feel he needs to be educated trading if so  or TWC/ DNT since this activity is extremely sketchy.


Yellow Hat


I just sent him this as well.



LiveFreeToday at 11:29 PM

fam idk if you're the one impostering and doing sketchy stuff or not but i had to make a note of it
but ill give you a tip just incase the slight chance you are really a noob to this


kolsdToday at 11:29 PM



LiveFreeToday at 11:29 PM

All this could of been 100% avoided if you read me saying no multiple times
Just incase you are actually getting scammed slow down and take your time brother

Hopefully he listens or you guys can see its sketchy and make a decision.

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Hoping he's just new and not a scammer but will leave staff with the evidences.




LiveFreeYesterday at 11:31 PM

You're pretty much not reading anything
I told you nononono
like 10+ times
I said I'm not middle manning tonight
I need to sleep
now im up 30+ minutes later because of this trying to make note of all the noncense


kolsdYesterday at 11:37 PM

K I got scamed, nothing to do with you
My fault
Sleep thing and 30min got me on this one 😞
As I didn't check imposters properly


LiveFreeYesterday at 11:38 PM

i mean i said no xD
like i said no bc i didn't have enough time brother
i said 30 minutes wasn't enough time and i want to go lol
If english is your second language
really take time to read things properly brother.


kolsdYesterday at 11:39 PM

K I will learn from it


LiveFreeYesterday at 11:39 PM

hope so fam no need to donate money to thiefs.


kolsdYesterday at 11:39 PM

Probably was bad idea to start doing something on pb anyway


LiveFreeYesterday at 11:39 PM

No powerbot is a great site
you not reading "No"
is whats wrong here XD
I legit said no so many times
it blows my mind


kolsdYesterday at 11:40 PM

Ye it's just this case

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