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Welcome to RLooter one of the most efficient looter scripts on the market

RLooter is a premium script/bot that loots in PVP, Revenant caves and Edgeville wilderness. Make sure u read this thread thoroughly before you decide to run the script.











Where to buy?: (Unlimited instances):





Q: Can I have a trial? / You are not responding in DM's / What is the best way to contact you for any kind of question ?


Join the discord




Looting is all about PID. This script counters it via a custom designed algorithm that takes various factors into account.

For an explanation of PID see video below.



How to mule? 


  • Add RMuler to your scripts
  • Currently only supported for GE location
  • Follow the instructions for RMuler in its thread
  • Have mule account in friends list (private friends on!)
  • Have mule account at the same bank in your safe area (can be f2p)
  • Will hop the mule account so make sure u have private friends on
  • Open the friends list in game
  • Type the first few characters of the account name in the filter and press enter
  • The combo-box will display the top 5 results
  • Select the minimum amount of bank value to mule
  • Allow trades on both accounts
  • 30d7ee992ea00673e81d94d8271fe8a2.png 



Remember bot smart!:


 IMPORTANT (Proved to have significant effect on performance)


** check if you can get the performance up **

  • Dedicate more RAM/CPU to RSbot/Java or alter your power settings -> e.g ( I'm using a laptop and if my laptop is not plugged in, performance used to be constrained)
  • Reinstall/Update Java (JRE & JDK x86)
  • Allocate more memory to java:


Search for java on windows and click "Configure Java"


Go to the java panel and click "View..."



Now listen closely. Copy this: -Xms1200M   and paste it into the "Runtime Parameters" textfield.

U can change the number 1200M (1200mb) to a higher number if your system allows it (check your RAM)


Click "OK" and "Apply". Restart PC + client


  • Make sure u aren't running unnecessary background processes
  • Restart computer
  • Change advanced power settings (on a laptop) to maximum performance, check below 




Script not working?:



    Script not working?

         Check the "Starting Information"  or FAQ Tab and the log (help -> view log)

    Still not working?

   Post the bug as a reply on this thread



Starting information:



  • Start at the bank of the selected location in a PVP or BH world or Edgeville Bank when looting in Revenant Caves
  • Run in fixed mode for better performance
  • Wear desired gear and click grab gear (equipment panel)
  • Have normal anti-poison in bank
  • Have energy, super-energy or stamina potions in bank for efficiency (optional)
  • Have burning amulets, ether and bracelets of ethereum in bank for
    • Revenant Caves looting
  • Have glories in bank for
    • Edgeville location death-walk
    • Revenant Caves looting
  • Have ring of wealth's in bank for
    • GE and West-Varrock location death-walk
    • GE item selling
  • Changing default settings result in more loot
    • If we all have the same settings we will compete more with each other
  • Specify the maximum amount of value the bot will risk
  • Specify the minimum item-price
  • Specify the loot-radius
  • Enable PVP worlds if you want to use breaks when looting in PVP worlds


  • Set zoom to default zoom
    • dffcee4c41aea2a9a02776aaa1a6c9fe.png
  • Set "Always turn off roofs" on
    • 7226ecc2d1b6c7f5592a981d04a1ff01.png 
  • Set Player and NPC attack options to hidden
    • 4275e5d985295720afff2370b423106a.png





  • Tracks player deaths and maps these tiles to:
    • the minimum calculated risk of the player based on his appearance
    • time, so that time passed can be measured
  • Player with no risk will be discarded
    • e.g. looters
  • After 75 seconds players will be removed from the maps
  • Specify the maximum amount of value the bot will risk
    • better than just inventory value
  • Specify the minimum item-price
  • Specify the loot-radius
  • Communicates with RRevenants to hop to worlds with high pk activity
  • Revenant cave looting
    • Glories are needed
    • Burning amulets are needed
    • Bracelets of ethereum are needed
    • Ether is needed
  • Muling
    • Currently only supported for GE location
  • Variance
    • to prevent patterns
  • Accurate profit tracker
    • accounts for items lost on death
  • Bot will wait/idle in safe area
  • Bot will handle obstacles if obstructing our path
  • Bot will drink energy, super-energy or stamina potions
    • if these are in our bank/looted
    • if our energy level is low
  • Bot will eat food in inventory if looted and if we aren't full health
  • Bot will do smart selection of the loot on the ground
    • will outperform players and bots who focus on less valuable items
  • Bot will remember players that attacked us
    • it won't risk items when these pkers are near
  • Bot will wander around selected area searching for loot
    • will track player deaths (tiles)
  • Colour of the time passed will turn:
    • Green, 10 seconds before the loot will spawn until 7 seconds after the loot has spawned
      • prioritise these tiles
    • Red, after 7 seconds the loot has spawned
      • discard these tiles if you are far away from it
  • Three categories of tiles expressed in colours: (X = 5000, Y = 50000, user will be able to specify later on)
    • GOLD
      • minimum risk >= GP
      • minimum risk between and GP
    • PURPLE
      • minimum risk below GP






  • Custom











Note: loot becomes visible 60 seconds after player death.

Edited by RZME

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16 minutes ago, jordyjordy said:

Upon depositing to bank it does not withdraw the energy potion


Camera moves way too quickly?

it does only withdraw when below certain energy level.

Will check the speed but real players move that quickly as well. (middle mouse camera)



Aside from that:

Tracking player data (profit, time-ran) from start so expect signatures soon!

Edited by RZME

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- request you can get items under 100 ; example amethyst arrows are 167 and are most common


-sometimes 7/10 its idling when loot is right beside him

Not sure but at g.e its not going north really and thats a good hot spot for nice drops

Edited by ryanmiller

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will add north aswell, only doing the approx south half right now.


it only idles when no loot is beside him. It wont loot items below the minimum item-price.

The minimum item-price accounts for stacksize. i.e. 10 * 1 amethyst arrrow =  10 * 167 = 1670 , 1670 > 700 so it will loot them.

It wont loot quantities that dont make up more than the minimum item price.


I can add lower item-prices but I think it will be way less efficient -> looting all the time, not even a bit focused on loot tiles and it will drain a lot of energy aswell

Edited by RZME

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4 minutes ago, ryflecs said:

For some reason it keeps trying to join world 325? Otherwise it has been working great up until now.

Updated, and good to hear!

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2 minutes ago, ryanmiller said:

ran into only 1 problem so far, its sometimes trying to loot items with a full inventory

lol forgot about that completely, updated in 5 mins.

- Adding Lumbridge, West-Varrock and Edgeville coming thursday/friday!

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15 minutes ago, RZME said:


Total of 27,3 million gp was made already within the first 48 hours!


Is that also cause of the lucky person who got the AGS lol

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2 minutes ago, jordyjordy said:


Is that also cause of the lucky person who got the AGS lol

Nah he lied to me lmao. Checked his data

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