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[BETA] HSGeneralLooter - Loot and bank ANYWHERE! | Universal banking | Custom path recording | Dynamic object interactions

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Hey guys,


First, keep in mind that this is a BETA version of the script. This has a reason. Namely that it is a script that has to work everywhere in Runescape and therefore brings a lot of bugs. I want to map all of these bugs and I need you for that. How can you help me? Simple, use the script as desired and report bugs using my template.



  1. When the GUI is open go to the tab 'Banking'.
  2. Click on 'Enable banking' and after this click on 'Record path'. (MAKE SURE THAT YOU ARE NEAR A BANK, THAT THE BANK IS IN YOUR VIEWPORT)
  3. Walk to the area where you want to loot certain items.
  4. Once arrived at the area where you want to loot click on 'Stop recording path'.
  5. Go the tab 'Looting' and fill in the id(s) of the item(s) that you want to loot in this area. Note: you can find item id(s) here: Link
  6. After you have atleast added one id of an item, go the tab 'Looting area'.
  7. Click on 'Custom area' and create an area to your wishes (example: width = 5, and height = 3 you can play around with these numbers).
  8. Click on the button 'set' to create the area where you will be looting.
  9. Start the script by clicking on the 'Start script' button.



  1. Bank everywhere
  2. Custom area creation
  3. Custom walker
  4. Dynamic object interaction on the path (doors, fences, ladders, etc)
  5. Loot anywhere



  1. Initial commit for General looter (henkslot) 29-12-2019 12:05
  2. User can create custom looting area + area gets painted (henkslot) 29-12-2019 14:52
  3. Added extra stuff to the UI, user can say which item ids to loot and clearing the list (henkslot) 31-12-2019 13:29
  4.  Added custom path recording and banking + obstacle handling(doors, etc) ALL DYNAMIC 🙂 (henkslot) 2-1-2020 21:33
  5. The custom walk algorithm moved to a seperate Walker class. Also accessible trough ctx.walker.Traverse() or ctx.walker.ReverseTraverse() (henkslot) 4-1-2020 13:36
  6. GUI changes + added guide (henkslot) 4-1-2020 14:54
  7. Improved walker, object interaction, GUI changes (henkslot) 8-1-2020 21:42
  8. Fixed sending user analytics (henkslot) 9-1-2020 21:54
  9. User analytics improved. Entire usage log gets sent to database. For good support. (henkslot) 11-1-2020 11:37


Screenshots of the script: [coming soon]


Template requesting features:

  1. Name of the feature?
  2. Description of the feature?
  3. What added value does this bring for the script?


Template bug report:


Are you using light theme on your IDE? if so, please use dark theme because light attracts bugs 😉


  1. Description of the bug?
  2. In which state of the script did it happen?
  3. Screenshot(s) of the bug? (optional)


General questions for me or on the script? Comment below and I'll get back to you ASAP.

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Hi Henkslot, the bot is working well for looting and walking towards my desired bank. However, the script stops running once my character gets to a door. I go through the door when I record my banking path, so I don't know what to do. Any help would be appreciated

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Could you clarify "Smart run" toggling? I'm not sure how best to use it when I'm not sure what it does. It does seem a little buggy with banking in Lumbridge and I wouldn't consider it AFK, it needs a pretty consistent baby sitting. A major issue for me is that I cannot copy and paste my loot ID's into the GUI, I have to manually enter each one which is pretty time consuming and defeats the purpose of botting whatsoever. Maybe a pre-determined Loot ID list and then people can delete the ones they don't want? Or base the looting on GE prices. E.g. 'Pick up anything worth X or over.'

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Posted (edited)

Okay guys I've been offline for a few months, I'll continue to work on the script and fix all bugs/issues. Also I will introduce: World hopping, ability to use/wear items, use food, teleports and bank when inventory is > 50k for example or have x amount of items and then bank.

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