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[OSRS] Chicken Abattoir

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Lumbridge Chicken Abattoir


OSRS bot for slaughtering chickens and looting their remains! This was heavily built on my chicken feather picker.



Start at Lumbridge chicken area. It may take a little while for the UI option to show for picking up feathers. Please don't bot for more than 4 hours at a time thanks.



  • Basic UI
  • Basic anti-ban
  • Only attacks/loots chickens in the gated Lumbridge area



  • Some randomness for anti-ban
    • Camera rotation
    • Mouse movements
    • Walking/idle actions
  • Attack mode configuration
  • Door/gate issues
    • Difficult, probably some localization needed
  • Maybe cooking food
  • Maybe bury bones
  • Display combat statistics


Known limitations

  • It's a little slow in between attacking chickens
    • Open for suggestions on this one
  • Probably a lot more haha



I have some time for the next few days so I will try to iterate on changes quickly. There are plenty of AIO fighter scripts out there that are much more feature heavy - I will keep this script to be specialized.


- delay between killing chickens is much shorter

- improvements to selecting nearest chicken
- should have fewer misclicks when picking feathers

- settings UI to optionally pick up feathers







Code can be found on Github - chicken abattoir - reviews are appreciated!


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