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[OSRS][F2P] HSBerryPicker | No requirements lvl 3 money making

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 Hey guys,


First script for me to release on the SDN. Start the bot anywhere between the cadavaberry/redberries bushes at Varrock south or Varrock east bank. The bot picks berries. Nice to run on fresh f2p lvl 3 accounts.



  1. Start the script anywhere between Varrock east bank/red- or cadavaberry bushes.



  1. Hops when there are no more berries (improves speed)
  2. 7 Anti-ban methods and more to come.



  1. User analytics improved. Entire usage log gets sent to database. For good support. (henkslot) 11-1-2020 11:37



Screenshots of the script:




Template requesting features:

  1. Name of the feature?
  2. Description of the feature?
  3. What added value does this bring for the script?


Template bug report:


Are you using light theme on your IDE? if so, please use dark theme because light attracts bugs 😉


  1. Description of the bug?
  2. In which state of the script did it happen?
  3. Screenshot(s) of the bug? (optional)


General questions for me or on the script? Comment below and I'll get back to you ASAP.

Edited by henkslot
added changelog

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17 hours ago, Y P G said:

Yeah it doesn't walk to the bush.

I've looked at it and its fixed now. Just start the script anywhere between the bushes/varrock east bank. Thanks for the feedback.

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2 hours ago, iDzn said:

Gz on the release!


Although; did you just throw some random static figures on an image? 


  Reveal hidden contents






Thank you 🙂 and uhhh yeah it's dummy data lmao gotta change that

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Awesome script but the only thing is it gets stuck on hopping worlds because it keeps trying to hop into the same world. Any fix to this? I don't mind manually switching worlds once and a while but would be much smoother without it of course. Thanks again!


Edit: I think I found the reason lol need fixed screen

Edited by Huey Huey
found temp fix?

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