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BlastFurnacePump - Obby maul trainer | No HP Strength method | Refuel stove | Prevent AFK logout | Fletch darts | Alch while AFK (refuel only mode)

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Your low HP obby maul trainer

Get it here

How to download and run OSRS Powerbot scripts

Discord server, live progress reports and support!


Option to refuel stove/repair, pump or do both

Prevents AFK logging out

Fletch darts/unf bolts while pumping

Alch while AFK if only refuelling

Pedals the pedals to break the belt


Personally used this from 45-72 strength going 10+ hours a day just pumping.





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The script is working fine for me but it ends after 4 hours, I have VIP activated (relogged and rebooted client) but it still stops after 4 hours.

I have 2 accounts running and both stop after 4 hours.


Log on coker:

09:17 s.Ia: Runtime 12
09:17 s.Ia: Experience 335
09:17 s.Ia: PowerbotName stefanhilberts
09:17 s.Ia: Level 46
09:17 s.Ia: PowerbotId 1897272
09:18 Script: starting BlastFurnacePump
09:18 s.Ia: Cache is fully built
09:19 s.Ia: Tracking new skill Firemaking
09:19 s.q: Stove is full
09:19 s.q: Stove is full

[...] Goes all the way down 4 hours with s.q: Stove is full


13:18 s.q: Stove is full
13:18 s.q: Stove is full
13:18 s.Ia: Runtime 239
13:18 s.Ia: Experience 6000
13:18 s.Ia: PowerbotName stefanhilberts
13:18 s.Ia: Level 46
13:18 s.Ia: PowerbotId 1897272


This is what it says at the end.


Does anyone know how I can make the script work longer than 4 hours?

Best regards


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