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RSBot 8: supercharge your OSRS gameplay with a new bot engine never seen before

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ūüďĖ A bit of our story so far


At powerbot we're proud of our history serving the RuneScape community since 2006. Over the same time period numerous other bots have come and gone, there were scandals around hacking and bans as well as scary lawsuits. But powerbot stood the test of time always coming up on top to consistently deliver great software to players for free with optional upgrades for paying customers.


We are also passionate about open source and a large portion of our API framework lives on GitHub. Over the years we've written personal references for developers here who have went on to get jobs at Google, Amazon (AWS) and fintech companies. As the CEO of powerbot I am proud that we provide opportunities for people to learn in a fun gameplay environment and develop the skills they can use later in life.


As a UK based company we take the safety and privacy of all our members very seriously. Unfortunately all modern software suffers issues with bugs and even the biggest companies across the world get their databases compromised. However at powerbot we have industry standard airtight controls on security and privacy both in-game and with respect to your interactions such as posts and payments on our site. There simply is no bot safer and more reliable than RSBot.



‚ė†ÔłŹ RS3 Java is dead, long live OSRS


At the start of November 2019 Jagex released a statement saying they have officially discontinued the Java version of RS3. They did this because only a tiny minority of their players use the Java client which prevents them from focusing their efforts on maintaining NXT.


This mirrors the issues we had with RSBot 7 supporting two versions of the game under the same application. Both game types were fairly similar in the beginning years ago but as time went on the mechanics branched out in their separate ways. It was a huge challenge to maintain the balance so both games can function alongside each other and that made development for updates and new features very, very slow.


For a good while now the overwhelming majority of RSBot users only play OSRS so when we read the news from Jagex we were all actually relieved, the decision had basically been made for us. We will also drop RS3 support and only provide OSRS for our next flagship version RSBot 8!



ūüöÄ RSBot 8 features and roadmap


Since October 2019 we had a reshuffle of our development team behind the scenes who have all been busy researching and producing some exciting new updates which include:


  • ūüēł web walker for scripts to take you from at any point on the world map to another,¬†opening¬†up endless possibilities;
  • ‚ŹĮ smart break handling based on AI algorithms so your bot does not have a negative impact on the game while¬†still giving you that edge to improve your play;
  • ūüíį¬†multiple instances: certain scripts could affect the in-game economy if they were abused so we will introduce a restriction on how many of these type of scripts you can run simultaneously,
    • in some cases you will be able to¬†buy additional licenses if you require it;
  • ‚ö°ÔłŹ near-instant game updates¬†since OSRS operates in a different way to RS3 there will not be much downtime between game updates, seconds rather than minutes;
  • ūüĎ∑ūüŹľ‚Äć‚ôāÔłŹ¬†developer control panel: it can be difficult for developers to fix scripts without detailed bug reports and the breakdown in communication often causes frustration, we're resolving this with automatic bug tracking and analytics for developers to see at a glance why their users are having problems and where, it will also help them decide which areas to make more improvements to and spend less time on parts of the code few people benefit from,
    • as always we take your privacy very seriously and developers will not have access to any of your personal information such as usernames, email, IP address, only general statistics.


Our OSRS game engine updater has been written from the ground up last month which we've been using concurrently with our existing¬†one to measure its performance and stability. All going well we will also transition to this for v8 which will bring in new hooks for developers, for players that¬†means new ways scripts can interact with the game and supercharge your automation in a way that we know you'll love and be really excited about¬†ūüĎćūüŹľ



‚Ź≥¬†So when is this all happening


This question is a meme. Everyone¬†in the game and software industry wants to run away when asked¬†but in all seriousness we're looking to around the end of 2019 for the initial launch and the aforementioned¬†feature updates to come in stages afterwards. How's that for our Christmas present to you ūüéĀ


Happy botting!

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Excited to see new updates. I have been away from here for quite some time. To no fault of RSBot as a whole and not escaping my responsibility to monitor my pc (which I lacked eventually after thousands of hours of not getting banned while botting) I eventually succumbed to a perma ban after using a very basic script after I fell asleep and had to say goodbye to a lvl 2,000+ account. I always looked for the best scripts and payed for many good ones that kept me safe as well. Looking forward to the break handling and hopefully we can see some "log out if moderator is nearby for too long" or something of the sort haha. Keep up the good work, looking forward to reports of main accounts going strong with RSBot 8¬†ūüėĀ

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