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Technophite's OSRS F2P Questing Script

Recommended to have roofs set to always hidden in fixed mode.


Currently supports:

Cook's Assistant - Start in Lumbridge castle courtyard with empty bucket and empty pot, path north of Sheep Shearer finish house with bucket and pot works too.

Romeo and Juliet - Start in Lumbridge without a Cadava berry or in Varrock square with one.

Sheep Shearer - Start in Lumbridge sheep pen with shears and 20 free inventory spaces, have roofs set to always hidden.


Partially Supported:

Nothing else yet, I should start on that.


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Works great! Very awesome. 🙂


Looking forward to see what else you come up with!


Edit: actually, I'd like to point one thing out: during the sheep shearer quest there sometimes walks a sheep outside of the field and when the bot clicks on it, it has to walk all the way around the fence to get to the sheep while there are other sheep inside the field that it could go to instead. Could you make it so that the bot prioritizes the sheep in the field? Or when there are non to be sheared, maybe make it so that it waits until there is one in the field that it could shear?


Edit 2: also, when it goes to the sheep outside of the field, it stops doing anything after shearing it. Might have something to do with the fact that it has to be in the field to work until it has 20 wool?


Thanks a lot!

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second thoughts
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Cook's Assistant works perfectly.
Romeo and juliet worked up untill last chat stuff. Bot tried to toggle run instead of finishing chat. Nice, though.

Sheep Shearer has trouble finishing chat with the farmer, but did everything before that fine.

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