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Cheap Pure Builds For Sale!


Original Owner Of All Accounts I Sell!


70+ Accounts Sold No Issue.


No Register Email Set, One Time Password Set!


If You Have Any Question On Pricing Or Anything Else Private Message Me!


More Builds To Be Listed!




Account 1.

50 Attack 68 Strength 1 Defence 1 Prayer 55 Magic 62 Range. Mithril Gloves, Horror From the deep. Fully Quested Attack.

Pictures of the build inside spoiler.








Account 2.

50 Attack 50 Strength 1 Defence 1 Prayer 14 Magic 61 Range. Fully Attack Quested.

Pictures of the build inside spoiler.







Account 3.

69 Magic Orb Alt account.

Pictures of the build inside spoiler.







Account 4.

66 Magic Orb Alt Account.

Pictures of the build inside spoiler.






Account 5.

50 Attack 50 Strength 50 Defence

Pictures of the build inside spoiler.




Terms Of Service.


I will not be held responsible for any ban/mute once the account is in your possession.


I will help you recover the account if I deem the situation necessary.


You may resell the account I don't buy accounts back. Also, you can't use my name when selling the account.


Private Message Me For Any Questions On The Account / Price.

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