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Auto Flesh Crawlers | Fights Flesh Crawlers in SOS


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  • Built on Auto Fighter Core™
  • Supports all common foods including cakes
  • Customizable loot list
  • Frequent herb drops for low-level money making
  • 30-40k XP/hr
  • ~150k GP/hr


  • 30+ Combat stats (40+ recommended)
  • Varrock Teleport Tablets in the bank
  • Second floor of SOS unlocked


  • BwbuAeR.pngWTu7nKr.pnga5O0Wxv.png

How to Get

  • This script is available on the SDN.
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1 hour ago, iggydrifts said:

It keeps trying to attack an crawler but I am already being attacked by another one and it gets stuck that way


It won't pick a new target while you're fighting something else.

There are times where you get attacked by another crawler right before you attack one, but when that happens it will switch to the right target.

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  • 4 weeks later...

i started it at second floor flesh crawlers. where there is just 2 of them. south path from ladder on second floor. it wont attack the flesh crawlers. it will look tho

it just lets them auto attack me. it wont actually attack them


loot* not look

after they become none aggressive it just sits there

can you make it support glory teles to edgy bank

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  • 3 weeks later...

Hey Coma,


I really like your script. Is there anyway to add maybe drinking potions? Like 1 super strenght or combat potion? This would make more XP/hour.


Keep up the good work!


Kind regards,


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