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Why do I support this service for free?

1. First and foremost, I firmly believe in high levels of security

2. Building a trustworthy reputation is paramount

3. This gives everyone a tool to defend themselves against scams


Terms of Service

1. The customer will agree to the Terms of Service

2. I will not be held responsible for any losses

3. The Terms of Service are subject to change

4. I can refuse to work with anyone at any time

5. Feedback will be left after transaction completion



Discord: Lulzwtfbbq #5642

As a preface, I am active military so the terms and acronyms I prefer to use reflect what I'm used to using and teaching. I apologize in advance if they're foreign to some users, I will do my best to ensure it makes sense though.


I am writing about this to directly inform and benefit anyone who is not highly experienced when it comes to online transactions. There is always inherent risk when operating in a public forum where anyone wishing to scam or steal from others can do so with little to no risk. These guidelines are exactly that, not rules but general guidelines to minimize the risk involved in these trades for both myself and all customers. 

1. To maintain Communication Security (COMSEC), always verify who you are talking to BEFORE divulging sensitive information such as the contents of the trade, time frame, or location of the trade. This will prevent scammers from learning anything that could aid them in compromising Operational Security (OPSEC) such as showing up at the trade site at the designated time to impersonate someone and steal any valuables.

2. Always verify who you are trading BEFORE you give up any valuable items. I feel like this one is self explanatory, it wouldn't be difficult for someone to replace a lower case "L" with an upper case "i" or anything along those lines and steal items if the trade site/time had been unknowingly compromised at some point during the transaction. 

3. Take screenshots throughout the transaction. Any time you think a picture could come in handy during a worst case scenario, take a screenshot. Throughout my career I have learned the hard lesson that Murphy's Law is a bitch. This will undoubtedly not be the case the majority of the time but it only takes one mistake for a transaction to go sideways. The last thing anyone wants is for their max cash stack to end up in the hands of the wrong person. Although that might be an acceptable loss to some people, I look at it as a loss of over $1,000USD regardless.




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