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No Script Working

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Java version: (build 1.8.0_221-b11)

RSBot version: 7108

Game version: Old School

Operating System: Windows 7,


RSBot Log:

17:50 Startup: RSBot/7108 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64) Java/1.8.0_221 [#2; 866 MiB]
17:50 Welcome: select your game, then to play a script click File > Play
17:54 Updates: rt4 0ab85d4d1219b4f98af181cdfeb71b0de419ee18
17:55 Script: starting Famous Fighter
17:55 Script: The script will automatically stop after 4 hours. VIP subscribers and Premium scripts have no time limits.s)

RSBot Settings: (all normal , every scrip start)

Script used: (any)


everything where working fine this morning on rsbot-7107 , then update to 7108 , all the scripts start and i can choose in options , but its like i location of things are missplaced , like in famous fighter, when i start the radius square in red is not in the map , it is in the left top corner and when i move screen with arrows its moves all around the bot screen , all scripts arennt woking since the update , in all screen mode and windowed or full ,  


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