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Black screen after few minutes

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Java version: 1.8.0_221

RSBot version: 7107 & 7108

Game version: RS3

Operating System: Windows 10


RSBot Log: There is no log when it occurs, only the 3 common one

17:27 Startup: RSBot/7108 (Windows NT 10.0; WOW64) Java/10.0.1 [#8; 768 MiB]
17:27 Welcome: select your game, then to play a script click File > Play
17:28 Updates: rt6 5c6bef4aa5f2639d818ddfaf138991d08f2e3672


RSBot Settings: Freshly installed with default settings. No script ran.

Script used: None


Steps to reproduce: After a couple of minutes in-game ranging from 3-7 minutes, a black screen pop-up instantaneously. Even just standing still at a bank.


More Detail: My Rs3 setup is at minimum with Safe Mode as Display Mode


EDIT: I may gave solved my problem... I noticed in the log that java 10 was running the bot. No problem so far with 1.8.0...

EDIT2: Been running for a while without problem so I guess this was the problem. This topic can be archived.

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