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We are happy that more and more people choose Dovis Gold for all 07/RS3 Gold needs! 🙂


We are buying RS3 Gold for:

0.08 - 0.10$/M


We are selling RS3 Gold for:

0.11 - 0.13$/M


Better rates for bigger trades and returning customers!


Skype: live:bd9c2f85a33e85a8 | add me on skype

Discord: DovisGold#3723 | add me on discord

UNIQUE DISCORD ID: 569672499537903616 


BTC, ETH, PayPal, Skrill, Revolut, SEPA Payments, Instant Bank Transfer in Europe


You can get 7M OSRS or 50M RS3 completely FREE! ask in Discord/Skype


Watch out for imposters, my Discord looks like this:



We are always looking for new connections to buy/sell bulk amounts daily

Make sure to ask for a PM before any transactions

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