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✔️ Hand-Trained
✔️ Created in-house
✔️ Available Instantly, 24/7
✔️ Guaranteed by R2Pleasent



✔️ Established Feb 2007 (12+ Years Ago!)
✔️ 24/7 Online Service
✔️ Hundreds of Trustpilot Feedback
✔️ $10 Million+ USD in Lifetime Sales

Runescape Accounts


Runescape accounts take ages to level up. Literally hundreds of hours of grinding to achieve your desired levels. Many people simply do not have time to get their desired levels. So it's not surprising that so many of them want to buy a Runescape Account.


However, the problem is that if you buy an account from a random person, it's a massive risk. The most common scam in the Runescape community is someone selling an account, and then recovering it later in the future. Even worse, if you store items in the bank, the scammer will steal all these as well. So it can be devastating to lose an account from a recovery.

The solution is clear: you need to buy from a highly trusted seller. And that seller needs to create the account themselves. Resellers are still super-high risk, because the original owner can recover the account.


R2Pleasent Reputation

We are widely regarded as the most trusted website in the industry. We have been around since 2007, longer than any other shop on Sythe. Indeed, we have been buying/selling Runescape Gold and Accounts since 2007. That's over 12 years of service. Nobody can match our experience.


We only sell accounts created by us, so there is no risk of recovery. We stand behind our accounts and guarantee their safety from recovery / theft. This is, however, voided if you try to resell the account. 


View Our OSRS Account Inventory

Click Here


We suggesting contacting us using the Live Support on our website. Otherwise, you can contact us on Discord:

R2Pleasent#4023 (Be careful of Imposters!)


Live Support:


Screenshot of account:


Others: Please refer to website.

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