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Nom's script trials and extensions

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All scripts can be refunded within 2 days of purchase.

If you want a free trial, see options below.




Option 0, join my Discord for trial giveaways!


Option 1, post general feedback for 2 day trial

  1. Go to and type in your Powerbot name
  2. Copy the URL e.g.
  3. Say something nice about the script (ON THE SCRIPT THREAD) you used along with the URL, example below.
    Image must show to prove you used my scripts for a total of 3+ hours.

    I really enjoy your scripts, would like a trial for Wintertodt. @Nom



Option 2, post progress pic for extended trial

  1. Take a screenshot
  2. Upload to Imgur
  3. Right click image, copy image address
  4. Go to the correct script thread, paste image link into comment box
    Example below, image must be displayed to prove you used the script.

I really enjoy your scripts, would like a trial for Wintertodt. @Nom




Once per person per month.

Screenshot must be of the WHOLE game screen.

You can only block your stats, name and character.

Failure to meet these conditions will void any free trial/extension.



New free scripts

3+ hour progress pic for 14 day trial





Premium scripts

3+ hour progress pic for 14 day trial


Mr Crabs

Mr Pilfer

Pest Buster

Mr Hunter

Runecraft in Abyss

Mr Angler

Shop Lifter



Free scripts

3+ hour progress pic for 5 day trial

Mr Make All

Mr B. Furnace

Cow Killer

Chicken Killer


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On 5/16/2019 at 9:15 AM, allenpl0xx said:

anyway i could get a trial? ill post proggys 🙂

Earn yourself a trial by running his free scripts and posting progress pictures.

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I'll happily review this script and produce progess reports for a trial. If it's a good script that's reliable, after trial is finished I'll purchase. 

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I never bot for 3 hours straight cause I always babysit them just in case of them getting stuck. So is it possible to still get extensions or trials without 3 hour progress In one run?

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On 2/23/2020 at 4:33 AM, Gelmor said:

can i try the hunter.. and the theiving scripts?

Did you read the thread? 😂

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