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Yellow Hat

How to use "LOGIC" and avoid bad trades / scams. The how to guide on business, we all make mistakes but we can cut down on how often it happens :)

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Hello Everyone,


I'll make it short and simple.


#1 Don't base service quality off of the price/ time the service provider has spent on the platform you are trading on.

#2 If you even have the slightest notion that the trade is bad, unfair, or not to your standards don't accept it because the price is lower than a competitors.

#3 When trading find out the location of your service provider/ person you are trading with to avoid giving them an entire years rent they can scam during a trade. 

^IE: If the trade is valued at 1.2b osrs gp / 1kUSD and the service provider resides in Venezuela , Pakistan , or other location where $100usd covers months of rent. A way to avoid this is use a middle man or find a provider that has proof they aren't starving and about to scam you / whoever else they are offering services to.


#4 Use a middle man and remove all wealth that isn't required for a service.

^IE: When someone wants to do a firecape for you dont give them BIS if they are a real service provider they don't need BIS to acquire simple items/  complete easy tasks. Such as if someone if afking you at nmz and they have 5 feedback don't trust them with 200m for BIS bandos , give them obsidian or something of less risk to you and use a middle man as well.


#5 Use multiple payments on big orders, no need to pay upfront $1000 for an order thats going to take 6 months put a deposit down with a MM and have them pay them as the service provider completes your tasks.


#6 Check the quality of vouches / feedback, for instance if you want and inferno cape don't go to a provider who's been swapping gold for 6 months and  hasn't offered an inferno cape until now, go with someone who has proper services to match. This goes for any service, try to avoid people who have no proof or experience in the service you are requesting.


#7 Focus on the deal not the end goal, dont be consumed with what the end product is stay on topic and get exactly what you want instead of letting someone add glamour to what they offer.


#8 Try not to add fake usernames on skype,discord, or other forms of communication.


#9 Just don't be a mong and give your shit away when its too good to be true, if somenes offering a  questcape for 200m chances are their scamming you to hell if its from scratch.


Yeah  hurt some feelings but its all true ❤️


Will edit and add more of a structure / processes when I have time.



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