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I always seem to notice people still believe many myths in the account market so i just wanted to clear some things up for everyone and share my side of perspective as someone who has years of experience in dealing with accounts, and explain why these myths are false and what you should actually be looking at.

1. Accounts with no email
There is a very common myth that accounts with no email are more secure. Some people might think that if you're the one who sets the email on the account it makes you OO in jagex eyes but that's completely false. If account has no email set it only means that some features like changing your password doesn't work until you set it, so you might think that if account only had 1 password ever set it sounds like an account is actually more secure and less likely to be recovered. In reality that doesn't matter at all, as the person who made the account will always be able to recover it, and manage to prevent anyone else from doing so, not to mention every worker that was ever involved in the training of the account knows the same exact password which makes it even more vulnerable in some cases(Unless the seller did everything himself from scratch which rarely happens). Other than that it doesn't affect the safety of account in any way, and the only benefit of it is easier transfer of the account to the buyer(saves like 2 minutes or so).

2. Recovery tests.

This has been going around in account sales for years, but i'm happy to see less and less people still believe it makes your account safe, but i sometimes still get people asking me for it so i might just include it. Account recovery process is quite complicated so i will try to explain it in as basic way as of why it doesn't help. Lets say person#1 recovers the account with certain set of information, after this happens if person#2 wants to recover the account he needs to provide more/older information than the person#1 did previously, so lets assume that's what he does and person#2 now has the account. Now if the person#1 wants to recover the account back he needs even older/more accurate information than the person#2 has provided, for his recovery to be successful, which eventually comes down to the person with most information which will always be the OO.

3. Safety of resold trusted oo accounts.

While an Original owner will always be able to recover the account, this doesn't mean the account is safe. As i explained basic principle for recovery process above, the first buyer of an account can easily gather enough information(or have it provided to him when buying the account) to make a successful recovery attempt. (While OO will be able to recover the account back, the 1st buyer MIGHT be given priority in terms of account ownership over the 2nd one). Also keep in mind with every time account is being resold chances of being caught for rwt increases so always make sure to ask the seller about it.

4. Having original email/authenticator/ or just changing the email to yours.

Just like anything else, none of these ensure any safety on the account, because they aren't necessary to perform a successful account recovery, which original owner will always be able to do without much effort.

So after reading all this you might be wondering which accounts are safe. The answer is quite simple, buying from someone who is an original owner and actively selling accounts will always be the safest bet(as long as they follow all safety measures), because them recovering an account would mean they would lose all their business, while a newcomer or someone who rarely trades has nothing to lose by scamming you(which will most likely happen).

Your main priorities to buy a safest account should be:
1. Original owner
2. Active and trustworthy seller
3. Handmade
4. Made/trained in not highly rwt monitored regions. (For example USA/AUS/European accounts are less likely to get banned for rwt after sale than chinese/pakistan/venezuela or from other highly monitored regions)

Also a friendly tip, always google the seller which you're buying an account from to see who are you dealing with. Recommended phrases "Username scam" "Username sythe" "username report sythe" "username report powerbot"  and similar ones (also try to find out their previous names as some users always change them to escape the past)

If anyone wants to ask/add something feel free to do so and i will try my best to reply :)

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