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JTutorial Island

Fake Joe Budden

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JTutorial Island:

This is my first script. Just start the script is as soon as you login. Ezpz.




Currently Working On:

1. Optimizing wait times.

2. Moving away from using hardcoded widgets. (Done)

3. GUI for options that include: Ironman mode, random customisation at the start, switch to fixed mode, enable remove roofs option & some others.



Bugs & Suggestions:

If you find any bugs or have any suggestions, please reply here in as much detail as possible.





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Very good.  However when I ran it, the script did get a little stuck in a few places

1. failed to rotate camera to click on chef's door

2. failed to rotate camera to copper ores


It's nice to see a script which generates a display name, I love that feature.


A feature that I would love to see is randomised selection of the character outfit, and muting the game music in the settings. 


I also noticed that after the script finishes, there is a login/logout loop.  You need to call ctx.controller.stop() in addition to logout


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stuck at wc area onwards


it's able to travel to those areas, just gets stuck at npc.

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Welcome to the {The Merchant}



Add Skype(Recommended): aeiz.zone

Active on Skype between : 9:30a.m. ~ 10:30p.m. Daily (GMT+8)

(Skype is online 24/7 unless my pc crashes so feel free to leave a message)

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