🥥🍒🍇🥭🥑[Selling] Lv75 Def Lv75Magic Lv85Ranged Tank for US$110!🥑🍍🥝🍌🍓

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🍓***I am selling a Lv75Def+Magic Ranged Tank account in this topic.🍓

🍓***I am the Original Owner of the account.***🍓

🍓***The account is FULLY hand-trained!***🍓



🍒***Buying/Selling/Trading account is heavily against the Game rules, and can result in ban. 🍒

🍒Therefore, if you get caught cheating, I am NOT responsible in ANY WAY and will NEVER refund you!***🍒

🍇The account comes without registered e-mail address.🍇



🥭PRICE: USD110 or EUR97.5🥭





-Fire Cape











-NONE (can't post image without assigning e-mail)





By making contact with me you accept the following:


1) I will NEVER go first and will NOT use MM/VMM!

2) I will NEVER buy the accounts back in any circumstances and I do not accept GP as payment.

3) Please assume that the accounts come WITHOUT any equipment or wealth!

4) Please assume that the accounts come WITHOUT any subscription left on it!

5) I will accept ONLY the following payment method: Send money via PayPal

6) You are aware of that, Account buying/selling/trading is AGAINST game rules.

7) Because of rule #6, You are SOLELY responsible for the future of the account once the trade is completed.

+1) You have fully read, understood and accepted my TOS.



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