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DyeMaker - Collect Onions | Create All Colored Dyes


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DyeMaker by Alexisblack



  • Banking at the Lumbridge and Draynor banks
  • Create all colored dyes
  • Pick onions near sheep farm in Lumbridge



  • When selecting items to interact with Aggie the witch, a random item is selected. 
  • random camera pitch when adjusting camera to view Aggie



  • No requirements, this is a easy money making method for f2p. You can collect onions in large amounts and later turn them into yellow dye.



Collecting Onions

  1. Start in Lumbridge bank
  2. Deposit entire inventory in bank to maximize inventory space
  3. Run script in fixed mode

Creating Dyes

  1. Start in Draynor Bank
  2. Deposit entire inventory to maximize inventory space
  3. Withdraw amount of gold you would like to spend making dyes (each dye costs 5 gp)
  4. Run script in fixed mode


Currently Working On:

  • optimizing code (removing redundant code, making necessary conditions)
  • Better paint
  • Better GUI



  • Add ingredient collection for other dyes (Redberry, Woad leaf)





Available on the SDN here

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12 hours ago, icekiller750 said:

Bot has troubles opening aggies door if closed. 

ill be looking further into this, related to bounds on door.



Do you have any information to recreate the bug? I am currently running the script and am opening the door just fine. either way, Ill be releasing an update tomorrow

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On 2/16/2019 at 6:56 PM, kingtt said:

Hey can you add an option in the script to stop by Nedd's shop and purchase all the rope? That also nets a little bit of a profit.

that seems a bit out of context for making dyes. if you post it in requests section and other people are interested I have no problem creating a separate script for this

On 2/16/2019 at 2:02 PM, teachk said:

so it only make about 500 dyes in an hour?

Would you mind make this more efficient, i dont care about the ban.

do you have a suggestion for making it more efficient? atm its dependent on the dye you choose to make. I dont remember what dye color I was making in this screenshot but I believe it was blue dye. This requires 3 woad leafs to create. Red dye and yellow dye only require 2 ingredients. so these would be quicker. I am interacting directly with aggie using the ingredient and only continuing a single dialogue window which is required for the dye to be placed in the inventory. I can reduce conditional sleeps but this may result in more misclicks as aggie is constantly moving. There are small little tweaks I can do to improve speed, but youre not going to see much of an increase in the dyes created per hour. I have an update for the script ready that I have no pushed yet because I have been busy, but I am open to suggestion if you have a method you use that is quicker.


I see where you did your calculation, the screenshot is collecting onions, not creating dyes.

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4 hours ago, teachk said:

It would better if you withdraw all woad leafs( because it stacks) and make dyes until inventory is full.

For this script it only create 14 dyes per trip.

the reasoning behind only taking out a limited number of woad leaves is because some players were luring wizards that hang around willows into bank to kill low-level players. Since this is a f2p money making script I expect most people who use this script to be low level. but I can change it to withdraw just enough to fill the inventory 

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On 3/20/2019 at 6:52 AM, Samuel Adams said:

Its a good script, except the fact that every trip it makes back from Aggie to the bank at Draynor, it's walking into the wall beside the door and the chat says "I can't reach that!", which is probably a dead give away for pattern detection... I think that needs to be fixed for sure.

Thanks for pointing that out, believe its related to the banker its trying to interact with. I'll get that bug out of the way within the next few days

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On 5/23/2019 at 8:35 AM, Edward G said:

no inicia cuando le doy a crear tinte, solo se queda parado, estaré haciendo algo mal?


estas seguro que esta seleccionando el  color de tinte correcto para los ingredientes que tienes en tu mochilla? Esta fin semana voy hacer otro update. 

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On 5/28/2019 at 10:32 PM, Alexisblack said:

estas seguro que esta seleccionando el  color de tinte correcto para los ingredientes que tienes en tu mochilla? Esta fin semana voy hacer otro update. 

Hombre cuando vuelve al banco a depositar las cebollas se queda parado en la esquina izqueirda y no va al banco

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