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Dem Chickens | OSRS | chicken killer | Burry Bones | Collect feathers

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Dem Chickens


Dem Chickens is a script for killing chickens in lumbridge. Loot is picked up between a random amount of kills specified by the user. You can choose to loot just feathers, bones or both. Bones are buried randomly after looting or when the inventory is full. All items (except feathers) are being dropped after the bones are burried. 


Kill chickens

collect feathers

collect bones & burry
Pickup loot after specifiec amount of kills.
Burry bones after random amount or full inventory.

Drop wrongly looted items
Antiban mechanics



Start at chicken location.


Supported places:



To Do:
Run from lumb castle to chickens
More supported places



Q0rUaR4.png gPIcppd.png bVycZK3.png


Please give feedback for changes to be made!

Scirpt in SDN !






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Seems to work pretty well. Although it randomly ate all my food in my inventory lol. And, the other issue is I cant seem to make it work without looting. I dont care about the feathers or bones. The other issue is when i have bones set to off, it will still pick up the odd bones here and there and later bury them, but I dont want prayer exp on my pure. Other than that, it works as described. If you want prayer exp, feathers and some low level combat exp, this script will work great for you 🙂

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