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#RSMobile - OSRS Comes to Mobile! - GIVEAWAY - 500m OSRS Gold to be Won

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Old School RuneScape (OSRS), after much anticipation, has finally been released on mobile! Available now in the iPhone App Store (and iPad!) or the Google Play Store for all of your android phones, tablets, or even your Chromebook! Thousands and thousands of new players have rushed to the game to have a great experience, and many to simply relive their childhood. The app boasts full cross-platform support meaning your gold and levels transfer between PC and mobile alike, furthermore they have redone the interfaces to be perfect on your mobile devices.


This competition will have 2 draws, one at the end of the first month (for 250 million gold total) and another at the end of December, for another 250 million gold - for a total of 500 million Old School RuneScape gold! This means that we will also be with you throughout the Christmas season, and new year! We want to quickly thank all of our past, current, and to-be members for the great 2018 - and for the past 12 years. It's truly an amazing feeling to know that users benefit from our software. We wish everyone the best 2019, and we hope the future brings great things for you.


Well, whether you're a new member or a returning one a helping hand has always been a nice thing. So here at RSBot by powerbot we are happy to announce this great giveaway that we are running in collaboration with our event Sponsors, RuneScapeGoldMarkt A whopping 500m is to be won along with some powerbot ranks to help you level up your RuneScape account easier with our botting software, and it's simple to enter!


Deadlines & Rules

  • You can generate 1 ticket per day. If you generate more, it will just give the same ticket for that day thus won't help you.
  • The competition will be ran until 1st Jan 2019, however there will be a draw on 1st December where half the gold is given away, and the rest on the 1st Jan (may have to add a few days for processing so we can pick the winners!).
  • Do not register multiple accounts to cheat!
  • Random entries will be awarded 14 days of RSBot VIP every few days.
  • Gold Prizes will be between 5 and 25m (osrs gold)
  • Winners will be contacted via email and private message.



Our Sponsor has set up a page on their website specifically for this event, all you have to do is visit their event page and enter your powerbot username and you will be given a ticket code, you do not need to register. Respond here with your ticket code to enter each day (Yes! You can get a new ticket every day to increase your chances of winning a prize!).


Sponsor Event

No purchase or registration required.


Runescapegoldmarkt - A site where you can buy and sell OSRS and RS3 gold alike, as well as OSRS accounts. Great prices, great service!

Ticket Link: (Click banner below)

RuneScapeGoldMarkt RuneScape Gold




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