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[FREE] STChinning

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STChinning is a range-training script centered around chinning. It currently supports multiple spots in the MM1 caves, and sports multiple options for travel settings.



  • Locations
    • Southwest Chinning Spot (MM1)
    • Northwest Chinning Spot (MM1)
  • Food
    • All food types are supported
  • Potions
    • Drinks prayer potions to maintain prayer points
    • Supports ranging potions
  • Banking
    • Supports Varrock and Falador Teletabs
  • Prayer
    • Supports Hawk eye


This is still early in production. If you have any recommendations for various settings let me know and I WILL add them. For now though, this script should work completely fine!

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1. Doesn't drink anti poison.

2. kept trying to reset over and over when it failed. It just kept running back and forth.

3. When restarting script with half finished inventory it tries to bank..(just runs)

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4 hours ago, montana3606 said:


when word that it has worn off

back and forth from the NW spot

I had a broken hook for antipoison it seems, it'll be fixed in the next push. My apologies.


When it kept resetting how many skeletons did it have nearby? Why did it not teleport out when it ran out of food?


Try using the SW spot, that had the most testing done in it. NW spot should work perfectly fine but I'll have to investigate.

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5 minutes ago, montana3606 said:

also, it almost killed my again. half full inventory but log said returning to bank and it was standing on a spike trap. I realized it at 12 hp and relied.

Is it ever teeporting away for you? If it says returning to bank that’s likely something it’d do

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1 hour ago, ShowtimeScripts said:

Is it ever teeporting away for you? If it says returning to bank that’s likely something it’d do

it is not. whys it keep standing on the spikes? ill try south now. the names are kind of generic, do you mean directly south of the NW spot? also think about adding a levels gained? and how come the paint is in the chat box? haha

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-when I click use eagle eye it goes and turns off protect melee and almost gets me killed

-plz support more location for teletabs

-north spot needs a lot of work, continually tries to "reset tolerance" after 30 seconds

also south it doesn't stand under the rocks, it chins from the corner which rocks from the roof can still hit you.

its unusable now. not sure what happened. anyway, I tried. script could be paid if it was bug-fixed

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