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1. All Accounts are hand trained by RsGoldRush Staff
2.Once purchasing is complete, the account info will automatically be emailed to you
3. No Email Is attached, allowing you to add your own for full security
4. Due the sensitive nature of the goods ( account info), no returns or exchanges will be honored.
5. All Normally accepted payment methods are also accepted for accounts (crypto,credit, g2a, rs07 gp)
6. We are not responsible for bans related to customers use of accounts,(botting,rwt,etc)
7. Discounts are offered on multiple account purchases
8. Custom made accounts are available upon request ( down payment requirement)




Shop Now - RSGoldRush #1 Pick For All Your RSGP And Firecape Needs

UID: 339495372902629377


 Who  We Are 

RsGoldRush is comprised of members from a former well known gold shop before it got sold off. We are all veterans in our respective roles. What this means is that we all have experience serving the community effectively and efficiently.  We hope to offer a seamless experience, for you to purchase, sell or swap your 07 and RS3 Gold.  We try our best to stay competitive with other big name shops. That's why we are offering to price-beat any major competitors listed price. If we can’t beat it then the gold's free! We want you to earn your trust so you feel safe and comfortable purchasing runescape 07 gold or runescape 3 gold from us. We wish you the best of luck on your runescape adventures, and hopefully you can try us, as we attempt to carve out our name in the runescape community, you might even see some familiar faces.



70 melee mains-30$,                     70 magic  pures -25 $                                 Melee Pures - 27$                                      Range pures 25$



Please contact Livechat for accounts below 

Dope PK Accounts
Please Contact Livechat to Buy
Prices Range from 400-600$

Click For ACC YEZ photos
Click for ACC NOS photos




Max Melee Mains - Buy 1-170$
                                             Buy  5 - 150$/EA

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