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[OSRS] Mr. Angler - Fishing trawler | Minnows | Angler outfit | Heron pet | Buys paste


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Mr. Angler



Gets you the angler outfit, then fishes minnows for you

Get it here


Discord server, live progress reports and support!



How to download and run Powerbot scripts

Instructions to get a free trial





Q: Constantly gets kicked for inactivity in Fishing Trawler

A:  Getting kicked for inactivity is highly dependant on how many players are playing and your latency. Play during offpeak hours.


Minnows bot

  • Reacts to flying fish and switches spots
  • Fail safe timeout if haven't fished in 2 minutes



  • Buy paste/buckets before you enter the game. You must have sufficient gold in your inventory.
  • Randomised spam clicking. After a successful normal click on a leak, will save the spot to spam click and will occasionally forget the spot.
  • Auto walks back to boat if it gets kicked off.
  • Turns off sway automatically.


On 9/21/2018 at 4:13 AM, notbotting said:

nice got the outfit didnt take to long 




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11 minutes ago, DopeAssFreshPrince said:

That negative time doe. Good luck with the script. 😄

It corrects itself on clicking start but yeah, will get a better screenshot.

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It doesn't seem to work I get kicked for inactivy always as it just stands there without doing anything.


EDIT: Everytime I start the script it says the Activity Level: 100 which isn't the case, so maybe that's why it does nothing.


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On 8/26/2018 at 8:07 PM, igmtxxx said:

@Nom haha ok.


today 😅👀

I figured out why it wasn't finding the widgets, should be fixed.

You should see a white box around the Time, Activity bar and the Bank button.


Can't bring myself to go through a whole game of that shit, babysit it and tell me what happens.



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