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*** MUST READ *** Format for posting an issue - MUST READ

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If you have an issue with RSBot we really want to help, but you need to make it possible for us to help. We are not magic and can not telepathically guess the cause of your issue. Help us out by following the format below.




Topic Title: Brief description of the issue


Java version: How to get Java version

RSBot version: (Help -> About RSBot -> version is displayed in the window that opens)

Game version: (RS3 or Old School)

Operating System: (Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10/Mac/Ubuntu...)


RSBot Log: (Help -> View Log .. after the error occurs)

RSBot Settings: (Did you select an account before running a script, did you select run until stopped, did you click run for 2 hours)

Script used: (The name of the script you ran to get this error)


Steps to reproduce: Write exactly how you got this error to happen


This section is for RSBot issues, not script issues.

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