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Auto Teletabs | Makes Teleport and Enchant Tablets | 99 Magic WITH PROFIT!


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Get 99 Magic with millions in profit!



  • Supports all lecterns
  • Supports all Teleport Tablets (Varrock, Lumbridge, Falador, House, Camelot, Ardougne, Watchtower)
  • Supports all Enchantment Tablets (Sapphire, Emerald, Ruby, Diamond, Dragonstone, Onyx)
  • Supports all tranfiguration tablets (Bones to Bananas, Bones to Peaches)
  • Supports Butler, Demon Butler, and Phials
  • Up to 70k Magic XP/hr (depends on tablet) while making profit


  • 40+ Construction (depends on lectern) (need Construction? Check out Auto Construction)
  • 25+ Magic (depends on tablet)
  • If making Bones-to-Peaches, you must have unlocked the spell from MTA
  • If using Phials, have noted Soft Clay, coins in your inventory, and your house in Rimmington


  • xerZayI.png

How to Get

  • This script is available on the SDN.
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On 3/19/2018 at 6:37 AM, ilikebotting said:

But I have the required runes, soft clay and coins?

1 minute ago, salope123 said:

i have in my inventory ; Coins, air runes, earth runes, law runes and notes soft clay ... To make House tabs.

as soon i click start script it stop itself.

In Remmington (using phials and friend cc)

I'll add messages when the script stops for missing items.

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27 minutes ago, salope123 said:

But I actually have everything.. i'm doing it handmade atm with my inv i made to bot

The only time the script should stop is if you're out of items. I added a message so it will say what items you're missing. I may have an ID wrong or something.

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2 hours ago, salope123 said:

I'm using the script with this set-up;

Mahogany Eagle Lectern

House Tabs

Using Demon Butler

It does collect the soft clay to the servant, but after receiving it, instead of clicking on lectern , it try to "entering Portal"

Where is your POH located?

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1 minute ago, salope123 said:

do the same thing

it say :

Statut: entering portal

In the client, go to View > Varpbits

Scroll down to #780.

What is the value when you're not in your house, and then in your house in "Building Mode" ?

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  • Coma changed the title to Auto Teletabs | Makes Teleport and Enchant Tablets | 99 Magic WITH PROFIT!

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