*EZ RS* [Sponsor] [65 Feedback] - Selling RS07 - MAX/MAIN ACC SHOP [200$/250M] [NO EMAIL] [LEGIT] [NO BOTS]

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We also have a huge variety of med level and pure accounts! Click here to see all accounts we offer. Some accounts may have registered emails, however, we are the original owner so you are safe.
Contact our customer support at www.EzRsGold.com
Discord: EZRSGold#5916
Online 24/7.
Terms of Service
* We guarantee a 100% manual service; no bots or macros, which can be harmful to your account, will be used.
* We dont use any 3rd party software and we are not responsible for your account in event of you getting banned
*  Only talk on www.EzRsGold.com website to avoid imposters!
* I will NEVER go first! 
* After you have paid me you must give me you will receive Login, Password and all the necessary information.
* After you receive login details, you MUST change your accounts password and set an email. 
*We are not responsible for anything that happens to the account after the purchase. Accounts are hand trained and only you know the recovery information.

* After our services are complete you MUST comment in this thread that the service was complete and leave feedback!

If you want to buy Runescape gold visit us at


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changed contact information to our website, changed tos, added more information.

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