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MasterChopper OS


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  • Human tree spawn detection: will remember the trees that were cut last.
  • Loot bird nests
  • Fast drop



  • Drop (12x12 area)
  • Banking
  • Arrow shafts


All locations (Banking)

  • Tree:
    • Varrock. Big bank
    • Barbarian Assault
  • Oak:
    • Varrock. Big bank
    • Varrock. Small bank
    • Draynor village
    • Barbarian Assault
  • Willow:
    • Draynor village
    • Seers village (Cammy)
    • Barbarian Assault
  • Maple:
    • Seers village (Cammy)
  • Teak:
    • Hardwood grove (Requires Jungle potion quest & Trading sticks)
  • Mahogany:
    • Hardwood grove (Requires Jungle potion quest & Trading sticks)
  • Yew:
    • Varrock Palace
    • Seers village (Cammy)
    • Edgeville
    • Catherby
  • Magic:
    • Seers village (Cammy)
    • Sorc. Tower




Q: Status is stuck on "Waiting for tree spawn" when the selected tree is up?

  •  This seems to be a bug in RSBot, restarting RSBot/PC will fix it. (Completely close it, not just the script)

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Thanks for this! Running into a banking issue when running chopping regular trees at Varrock big bank.

Edit: I think the issue only happened whenever a tab other than my inventory was opened. Leaving the script alone should prevent this.


Pushed MasterChopper v1.01

  • Now opens inventory when required.
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When I start the script i sat thre for 2 minute and it just said loading. What am i doing wrong?


Did the settings menu popup if not restart rsbot and try again. If you did select a location it's possible you were at the wrong location. Post a screenshot and tell me the location you selected.


I just got this and i'm chopping yews down at seers village. The status keeps on saying waiting for trees to spawn, even tho there are trees there. If you can fix this that would be great thanks!!!!


I'll check this out, does it wait until the tree you cut down before respawns?

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