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Accepting OSRS GP and BTC

Visit my website to buy accounts:


Some of accounts we are selling:



40Atk-70Str-1Def Pure Account
40Atk-80Str-1Def Pure Account
40Atk-90Str-1Def Pure Account
60Atk-60Str-1Def Pure Account
60Atk-80Str-1Def Pure Account
60Atk-90Str-1Def Pure Account
70Atk-90Str-1Def Pure Account
60Atk-60Str-60Def Starter main
70Atk-70Str-70Def Starter main
80Atk-80Str-80Def Starter main
70Atk-90Str-70Def Starter main
1Atk-60Str-1Def-Obby mauler
1Atk-70Str-1Def-Obby mauler
1Atk-80Str-1Def-Obby mauler
1Atk-90Str-1Def-Obby mauler
40Atk-70Str-1Def-70Range F2p pure
40Atk-70Str-1Def-80Range F2p pure
40Atk-80Str-1Def-70Range F2p pure
40Atk-80Str-1Def-80Range F2p pure
40Atk-90Str-1Def-70Range F2p pure
40Atk-90Str-1Def-80Range F2p pure
40Atk-90Str-1Def-90Range F2p pure
50Atk-70Str-1Def-70Range Gmaul/F2p pure
50Atk-70Str-1Def-80Range Gmaul/F2p pure
60Atk-60Str DDS pure
60Atk-60Str-1Def-70Range DDS pure
60Atk-60Str-1Def-80Range DDS pure
60Atk-80Str-1Def-70Range DDS pure
60Atk-80Str-1Def-80Range DDS pure
60Atk-90Str-1Def-70Range DDS pure
60Atk-90Str-1Def-80Range DDS pure



1. I am the original owner of ALL accounts (unless it's noted in account's description),
2. Accounts are 100% hand trained = no bots
3. Authenticator is not set
4. No Email Attached (unless it's noted in account's description)
5. Accounts have no black marks - no recent bans (unless it's noted in account's description)
6. You must change your password after buying an account
7. After account's details have been provided, no refund will be given


  • Employees can train bulk accounts on request,
  • Listed accounts are in stock, feel free to ask for other accounts filling your needs,
  • NowsterSales workers can create custom accounts at your request, feel free to ask our live chat,




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