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RSBot Status (RS3) & Hurricane Irma (RuneScape update: 11th Sept 2017)

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Morning powerbotters!


As you have most likely read in the announcement that was posted along the top of the website, RSBot for RS3 is currently outdated. If you have turned on the news recently you will have seen a lot about the extreme weather conditions in America. As a result of this we currently have multiple administrators without power in their homes. Until they can gain access to their computers again RS3 development is halted. This is not expected to be too long, and we will be doing whatever we can to speed this up where possible.


We would like to extend our well wishes to all those involved in both Irma and Harvey, and we hope you get your lives back on track as soon as possible. To those without homes, now is the time friends, family, and community spirit will come through. We wish you the best of luck, and hope you can make a speedy recovery from whatever you have faced.


Thank you, powerbotters, for your patience in this matter.



Update: A developer has regained internet service and power - RS3 is actively being worked on.


Update: RS3 has been updated to work with the latest game update (14 sep)

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