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Advertisements: How do I become an advertising partner?

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powerbot has advertisements, it's no secret. We sell advertisements in order to earn enough money to continue to develop our client with little to no cost to our lovely users. Our advertisers are always relevant to our userbase, and most commonly it will be for RuneScape Gold selling websites. Most of our users, at some point, will have clicked on one of our ads, and bought a product. By showing ads we create competition amongst our advertisers which reduces cost, improves customer service, and reduces the delivery time as they battle for your business. It's a win-win!


powerbot restricts itself to the following advertisements:

  • 4 (maximum), limited to 3 Real World Trading related advertisements & 1 other, at the top of our forums
  • 1 advertisement below the first post in a topic
  • 1 advertisement below the first topic in a section
  • 1 advertisement banner in the RSBot client
  • 3 Pinned topics per any section


All advertisements are shown only to non-VIP members, 'VIP' includes the following usergroups

  • Administrators
  • Sponsors
  • Super Moderators
  • Attendees
  • Script Writers
  • Premium Script Writers
  • Scholars
  • Fellows
  • VIP



In order to advertise on our platform you must email us using our contact page. Please be advised, typically all of our spots are taken. For the sake of loyalty to our advertisers we do not work on a 'he offers more sorry!' policy. We are as dedicated to our long term advertisers as they are to us, and we appreciate their on-going business. However, in order to overtake an advertisement, you must email us about the placement you want, and what you are advertising. We will then inform you of the current price, and you may then offer an increased amount, or be added to our waiting list for a spot to naturally open up. If you decide to offer an increased amount, then depending on other peoples offers also, we may decide to increase the price of our advertisement(s) in general. If this happens the current spot-holders get first refusal, but if they refuse the increased price then their spot will be opened up to those on the waiting list.


Please note that those within the EU will be subject to an additional 20% for tax purposes (which you claim back when you file your company taxes).


For more information or clarification, don't be scared to contact us.

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