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Site Ranks: How to obtain them, and what they are for

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The administrators group is for our forum administrators, the team consists of developers, and support staff alike. All administrators are either employed or contracted by our parent company, Dequeue Ltd.


Super Moderators


Our moderation team is build up of dedicated volunteers who give their time for free to help us, and help you. These selfless chaps are currently lead by our head moderator @Yoshiki, and do an excellent job.




The Fellowship is regarded as the highest level of academic standard in the industry and proves real life experience with large projects. Full requirement here.




Scholars is a group built from people with a broad understanding of Java to a professional level, it has both academic and experience requirements. Full requirement here.


Premium Script Writers


This rank is given to a Script Writer following a successful application to make their script premium (a paid script). Premium Script Writers have their work reviewed and as such premium scripts are held to a higher standard as our free ones do not have quality control. For more information regarding Premium Script applications, see here or contact @Coma.


Script Writers


This rank is given to proven script authors following a successful application, and allows them to have their own private repository rather than the public Open SDN.




Sponsor is a paid rank, currently costing $197.99, usually utilised by avid marked users to show their dedication to our black market. It also includes all VIP features, and does not expire.




VIP is for people who spend $4.99 for 1 month (then it expires). Our VIP members receive various benefits outline in our store, These include some additional scripts, less limits on RSBot, no advertisements, increased inbox, name changes, and more.




Attendee is the same as VIP, except it's free and given out during competitions. These competitions can be found in various places, from this forum section, to our discord, facebook, twitter, or even in our Random and Lounge forum sections.



Our member usergroup is all of our registered members that do not belong to another group, regardless we love them just the same. Thank you for being a part of our community.

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