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Bot Smart - What it is, and how to do it.

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Just wondering, is there anything to expect from a first time ban (other than the two day account lock)?


You'll be restricted from trade and PvP/Wilderness for a week. I believe they also sometimes ban permanently for first-time offences.

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thanks, what do you think of it? do you think i should add or remove anything?

uhh looks fine

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For RWT :


- Use member accounts

- Trade in member worlds

- Use higher lvl accounts (avoid lvl 3's)

- Use accounts with an older creation date

- Accounts with activity (do a quest every couple of days, gain soms levels + general activity) are less likely to get banned by a huge %

- Avoid obvious spots like banks or lumbridge teleport spot

- Drop trade > Stake > Normal trade

- Trading junk for big amounts of gold (atleast imo) doesn't help anymore.

- If you're a gold farmer and want to dump big amounts of gold then 1x 500M trade > 5x 100M trades

- If u do a lot of RWT i would suggest not using 1 account, but multiple accounts. The more accounts the more u can divide stock.

- If u VPS your trading accounts, use 1 account per IP to avoid chain bans.

- If u VPS your trading accounts and u get a lot of bans, change your VPS provider for atleast a month.

- If u VPS your trading accounts, after a ban occurs do not re use that VPS.

- If u VPN your trading accounts, avoid free or widely known VPN's. IPVanish is a great example of a VPN that u CANNOT use!

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I showed this thread to a jmod friend of mine and he's gonna take it up with the team and get back to you

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Thanks for the reply, but if you bot often on fresh accounts is it fairly likely that a ban will occur, or does it again depend on the script's antiban?

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Is it worth creating a new noob account to buy gold on and then transfer it to a main? It'd still be under the same IP so I'd assume it's redundant. Also, what to the larger-quantity gold sellers do in this context, and are they frequently banned on accounts? 


Nice thread man! 

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Thanks this has been helpful after i got one of my accounts banned, only just started botting again, miss the old days when you could bot freely with a very rare chance of being banned

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nice guide man, thanks fully i follow most of this but its good to keep in check just in case there is anything else i could do lol. :D


also when it comes to perm bans, if you bot from a vpn and got banned, would it not be safe to say if you request new passwords etc and recover accounts from your home connection, you could appeal a perm ban as if someone hacked you and was botting your account? As if they hacked you you would just be toy account after they emptied your bank.

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