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Bot Smart - What it is, and how to do it.


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Around the forums you may see the phrase "bot smart", this is a guide with various steps for you to follow while botting to reduce the chances of a ban. It should be said, botting is against the rules and by doing so there will always be a risk involved.


Botting Rules (If you intend to bot smart)

You must follow these steps, else please do not consider botting.


  1. Do not bot on an account you can not stand to lose. Botting is inherently risky and a ban is always going to be possible. You must decide whether what you stand to gain from botting is worth the risk. Only you can make this decision.
  2. Do not bot on fresh accounts. A fresh account refers to any newly registered account, or any old account which has not been played regularly in recent times. Fresh accounts are watched much more closely, likely as they pose more of a risk to the economy as they are used for gold farming a lot.
  3. Botting should supplement your game play. Botting is no longer supposed to get you from 1-99 Agility, whilst that was possible in the much older days - it simply isn't anymore. If you're going for 99 agility we would recommend botting at a maximum of 1:1.5-2 bot to human ratio. This means, as a quick example, if you train 1 hour manually you can then run a bot for 90 minutes to 120 minutes before logging out or continuing by hand.
  4. You can play legit on RSBot. As a little bonus to the above point, you don't need to do 1 hour manually and then close the game and open RSBot. Infact, you shouldn't. You can play within the RSBot client without botting, and then turn on a bot when you want a break.
  5. Understand the ban routine, and what it really means. When your account gets banned, it does not mean you just got caught and banned. It really means they caught you at some point, likely within the past 7 days, and waited some time to collect more data (such as how your character acts) which could help them detect other bots in the future.
  6. Join a clan chat. If you're at your PC while botting (maybe you're doing some work) then click the Input menu in RSBot and 'Allow Keyboard', and you can aprticipate in clan discussions, and respond to people ingame.
  7. Don't always pick the optimal spots. Are you woodcutting? Perhaps doing it at Draynor village with 20 other people isn't the best place. Assuming 15 of those other people are bots, the 5 legitimate people will get very annoyed and report all of you for slowing their XP down. You should pick a spot where your XP might be slower, or the bank might be a little further, but you have less people around to worry about.



Miscellaneous Rules

Here are some further tips, not really related to botting itself.


  1. Never post your RSN on a botting website. Jagex Staff and Player Mods will frequent these boards and have been known to ban people if they have sufficient proof.
  2. If you've just had a 2 day ban, the next one will be permanent. AND your account will be watched closer. You should not continue botting this account.
  3. If you're botting on a VPS you should use a VPN. No one is playing on a VPS legitimately, and it's not hard to figure this out from the IP alone. Providing you're not on a Windows VPS your operating system should not be too much of a giveaway. However, the fact you're playing on a machine without a monitor attached is probably not hard for them to notice either.
  4. Do not click runescape links on forums. When you click a link it will send data of the page you came from. This is why you can not post a RuneScape link on our forums.




Clean yourself off

Got banned? Clean yourself off before you continue. What we mean by this is, you need to wipe down anything that Jagex may use to associate your new account with your previous one. However, most of this is speculation and they likely have other ways, or even none at all.


  1. Clear your Jagex Cache ( support.runescape.com/hc/en-gb/articles/205842582-How-to-clear-your-RuneScape-Cache-on-a-Windows-PC )
  2. Clear your browser cookies.(Google this, there's too many browsers to list!)
  3. Clear your temp files (Google this also for your operating system)
  4. Finally, change your IP. Most people these days will have a dynamic IP. Head over to https://whatismyip.com and note down your current IP. Then turn off your router and modem for 30 minutes and see if it's changed. If it hasn't you might simply be bale to turn it off again at night time and back on in the morning, your IP should release by then and you will get a new one.

As long as you're breathing, you always have a second chance.


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Breaks increases the risk, no legit player logs off for two every 7 hours.

Pure grinding is the key then take a 12 hour break to simulate sleep.


Most of this is incorrect to be honest, turning off all chat just screams bot legit players don't do this as they can reply, bots cannot so they turn it off and spew the excuse it was off.



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lol I wrote this up when I was still at OSbot. That is the client, it has such shit API i am not surprised to put it blunt, wouldn't put it passed them to have a detectable bot. Just wait for pb07 

when will pb07 release? , and i already spent 16$ in vip + premium script in osbot :( gf 16$ i guess lol






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... "7. Don't dress like a bot, have some armor or something worth something on." is soooo two thousand and seven ...

...bullshit ...

...just don't.

Stuff after in this and after this paragraph is actually useful:


2. If you just got banned for Macroing Minor that means that you have been doing bot like behavior. (This is usually an automated ban caught by their botwatch).
>> 2.1: these bans usually are usually for 24, 48 and 72 hours, but i have seen some people get them for 7, 10 or 14 days also. 
>> 2.2: this type of ban means that Jagex's system caught on to a macro style of playing and flagged you.
>> 2.3: typical Macroing Minor photos.


But then again. What is HUMAN LIKE BEHAVIOUR? Why did they banned me after 6 months of heavy botting?
A) I blame flawed dungeoneering script.
B) They knew that I was botting all the time but decided to ban me after couple of months. (then the stuff about bot like behaviour would actually make sense)


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B) They could have known or not known, they could have waited till they felt like the proper time to ban you and roll you back or they could have just gotten lots of reports about you not responding and just going into dungeons over and over and over and never doing anything else or talking to anyone. 


I know that I have written this too many times now but ... I was so close. We are missing something and I want to know what.


To be honest I had literarly no friends and I wasn't member of any clan. The less people you know the less people can report you. I botted smart. At least I thought so. Sometimes I would hop five times onto another worlds just to be sure that there is no one around me.


Doing same thing over and over again? I have about 150 QP but I got that more than a year ago. When I was botting (during those six months) I always choosed two skills and trained them. I did literarly nothing else.



What scares me is that I got 72 hours ban, What if you are right and it was autoban? I fucked up the last skill that I wanted to bot.


I know it is something else. I don't know what exactly but I am pretty sure that there is no such thing as a human like behaviour.

1. Good script (now "human like" mouse speed)

2. Avoid reports

+3. When the banvawe came they added something else. I have not botted since the roll-back.


I will get this max cape legitimately and then I will bot another account again and find out "how" exactly do I have to bot.

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