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Chicken Killer/Looter/Bone Burier

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22 of my 24 accounts that have used this were just banned unfortunately  cant directly link it to this but... for some of them the only scripts i ran were auto tutorial island, and this... so...

could also be chain ban though

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On 2/6/2018 at 7:32 AM, IBotxBotI said:

does it only pick up the loot from ur kills cus im ironman btwe xD


No, but my f2p ironman would love that feature!

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El 17/04/2017 a las 9:20 AM, SaiyanKunt dijo:

Una secuencia de comandos OSRS con 3 funciones opcionales que se pueden mezclar y combinar al principio de la secuencia de comandos:

  • Matar gallinas
  • Plumas de recogida 
  • Recoger y enterrar los huesos

Otras características básicas:

  • Obtiene a través de puertas
  • Solo debe recoger botín cercano para evitar terminar en vacas u otras áreas
  • Prioridad del botín - Plumas y Huesos> Plumas> Huesos
  • Pintura básica y GUI


Las plumas y los huesos se recogen cada 5 muertes (a menos que se apague "Kill Chickens") y los huesos se entierran cuando el inventario está lleno.


Debería estar en el SDN pronto.


On 4/17/2017 at 9:20 AM, SaiyanKunt said:

An OSRS script with 3 optional functions that can be mixed and matched at the beginning of the script:

  • Kill Chickens
  • Pickup Feathers 
  • Pickup and Bury Bones

Other basic features:

  • Gets through gates
  • Should only pickup close loot to avoid ending up at cows or other areas
  • Priority of loot - Feathers and Bones > Feathers > Bones
  • Basic paint and GUI


Feathers and bones are picked up every 5 kills (unless "Kill Chickens" is turned off), and bones are buried when the inventory is full.


Should be on the SDN soon.


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18 hours ago, koko888 said:

I have used it with supervision since it is simple to reach 15 in chickens


21 hours ago, OiMug said:

Bot will get you banned be careful.



I do not recommend it anymore I was banned 5 accounts today, powerbot is no longer useful!

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