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==={Hot Sales}[1500+FB][Sponsors]Theresa's RS3 Gold Shop==[PP/mb/WU/BTC/LTC/PA][Long-Term Offer]

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Never trade without PM if u added my skype

Welcome to Theresa's RS3 Gold Shop


You can verify my skype with me via my live chat,if no one replies,then don't trade.



Discord: theresa#5015





what payment i can take:



1.I am currently only accepting payment through PayPal, Moneybookers,PlayerAuctions, and WesternUnion
2.I am allowed to refuse the right to sell through direct PayPal to anyone who I do not deem trusted.
3.I will not go first to anyone who I do not deem trusted, and likewise you are not forced to go first to me, we can use any MiddleMan or OMM who is more trusted than I am.
4.You must post on my thread following the layout below. I will gladly send anyone a PM who is trading with me so don't be afraid to ask! 
5.For PA, I will deliver the gold on RuneScape as soon as PlayerAuctions verifies the gold - this means the status must be considered "pending" through the PA site.


Order Forum:

Amount :

Added me (yes/no):

Payment Method:

You will vouch for me:


I can provide old and black firecape servicesatm,pls contact me if u need some help.


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