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[OS] [P2P] SMyre Fungus [475k GP/HR]


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SMyre Fungus is an OSRS script that does Myre Fungus in Canafis.



  • Intelligent walker
  • Super smooth and efficient clicking
  • Sleek and informative paint
  • Enhanced script node system
  • Painted mouse cursor



There are a lot of requirements for this script so you can't just get membership and run this script.

  • Level 45 construction
  • Level 63 Magic
  • Ancient Magiks spellbook
  • Lots of Teleport to House Tabs in inventory
  • Lots of law runes in inventory
  • Lots of blood runes in inventory
  • At least an Oak Altar in your house
  • Doors toggled off in your house
  • Required items in your inventory (Read below)



The order of the items in your inventory doesn't matter, what matters is that you have these items in your inventory

  1. Silver Sickle (b)
  2. Teleport to house
  3. Law rune
  4. Blood rune




  • The script is still in beta
  • Script has no anti-ban methods
  • I am not responsible if your account gets banned (Botting can get your account banned in general) (as I assume it can since this is a popular money making method on osrs)


Feedback & Recommendations

  • If you'd like to see anything added to this script please comment down below.
  • If there is anything wrong with the script please comment it down below.
  • If you like the script please leave a like











How to get

    Script is available on the SDN Here.


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