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BsCowSlaughter | Kill cows, collect their hides and bank them in Lumbridge.

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For me - this is not killing any cows. its simply collecting cowhides it see's. then banking when full.

So for this too be good for me, I need a lobby full of people not picking up their hides, and being within the camera angle.

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I tried to run the script. it will not kill any cows just loot cowhides after I manually kill them. help plz. I am using mage to kill them is this okay?

give him a little bit of a break guys. coding things can be difficult

it walked to the bank after the inv was full. I did have to kill all of the cows myself but at least it walked to the lumby bank and did bank for me. then stopped and said I didn't have any food. lobsters is what I picked and I did have some in the bank. scrip just needs a little work. when killing cows should I use melee? range or magic? will that help it run better?

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