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BsCowSlaughter | Kill cows, collect their hides and bank them in Lumbridge.

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When i try bank my cowhides and continue withdrawing food, it says theres no food left in the bank but there is alot left, anyone having this problem?

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On 10/22/2016 at 7:07 AM, Reminisce_ said:

I was using this script for over an hour+ on multiple differ my accounts. And I care because my accounts are all low level, and they're all f2p so I need some money and the only method I know on osrs at a low level on f2p is by cows. And nice way to take constructive criticism to the heart.

yeah he did not like that lol 


the script is trash tho, i must apologize for saying. should be removed.

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As much as I would love the script to have more sophistication, it's really not that bad for a free script.


There are some bugs that cause the bot to cease all activity and I certainly don't trust it enough to turn it on and go to bed or anything.

But I turning it on and checking in between movie scenes or work seems to do the trick. 

I guess on the grounds of "you can't just leave it on for hours without supervision," the script isn't that good but from what I can tell, it's the only one that does what it's supposed to more or less since noobie's script isn't entirely (no lumby / some falador bugs when I ran it, still promising) functional atm.


Rooting for you BS, keep up the good work.

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Fairly good script, has helped me a lot overall, good for farming some extra cowhides and getting some combat xp at the same time. However, after many hours of testing I have run into a few problems.


1. It often gets stuck in a corner outside the kitchen in lumbridge castle, staying there until the script is stopped and I move the character somewhere along the path it runs on (usually the bank works the best)


2. It sometimes stops working, such as refusing to pick up items, or not attacking, but this could be fixed by stopping the script and restarting it.


3. This has only happened once, and is currently still going on as I write this comment. I assume the bot got stuck in a movement loop, and kept clicking the minimap to move to several different positions over and over. I don't know when this started, but it must have been going on for quite a while, because for the last twenty minutes, my character has just been doing laps in and out of the cow pen. Even as I speak, he is running around in the same movement cycle over and over. I'm gonna let the game run for a while, because I assume the bot built a huge cache of movement locations, and the only way to clear it is to let my character run around until it's done. Logging out and back in does nothing, moving to a different spot moves my character, but he quickly runs back to the same movement loop. Hope this doesn't last too long.


Tried to be constructive and not negative,  I hope you don't take this comment the wrong way. I still really like the script and will continue to use it (after the movement loop ends of course!)

Really sorry about all the people giving you crap over the script, honestly better than anything I could have written, and has been very handy. Hope you find this useful in fixing bugs, and sorry for writing such a long comment!

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Your script seems to be broken. It stops after 30 mins or so and picks up other things other than cowhide such as the meat and bones. Please fix.



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On 8/25/2017 at 6:53 PM, DucaLamian said:


1. It often gets stuck in a corner outside the kitchen in lumbridge castle, staying there until the script is stopped and I move the character somewhere along the path it runs on (usually the bank works the best)



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it works okay its not the best script often i get stuck behind the castle and it will stop sometimes at the goblins 

i get an estimated 250 cow hides every time i run it so i guess for botting is okay then i wont get banned

nut it could be nice if that could be fixed 

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This is a decent script but does need work 

1.  it mostly picks up hides from other kills rather than kill itself i know most dont mind but there may be some that do 

2. when telling it to grab food from bank it will say no food in bank when i clearly do and turn bot off again not an issue unless your character is new and could potentially be killed by cows

3. if food is in inv it eats food to make space that could be an issue for some one that wishes to keep there food

4. occasionally will get trapped on backside of staircase outside trying to go to lummy bank

these are the only things that really stand out to me but other than that no problems



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I'm sorry. I just tried it and doesn't works. It shows a red advertisement but does nothing.


Any sings to update?

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Played around with this script as of today -


Hopefully I won't get banned.

So when I use shrimp, it can't seem to withdraw more than 1 from bank.

Not sure why.


With looting, it picks up hides rather than actively seek out kills which I guess is good if you're after money money.

However I am more after XP so might not be exactly what I need.


Just an update to developer.

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please fix this broken script:

1) keeps on walking behind lumbridge castle

2) sometimes it can't walk the strairs

3) standing stuck in front of the bank


if you fix these 3 things, it can actually farm and unlimited time without constantly looking at the bot if nothing goes wrong with this broken script.


Kind Regards.


EDIT: Don't use this on your main or a money account, will get you banned within hours

Edited by paraxeoxy

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