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[OS] SOSRS Varrock Guard Killer


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SOSRS Guards is an osrs script which kills varrock guards at the varrock Castle



  • Eats any type of food
  • Very fast, effective, and efficient attack speed
  • Banks at Varrock west bank 
  • Enables run energy above 30
  • Loots medium clue scrolls on members worlds







How to get

    Script is available on the SDN Here.

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I tried changing the world, but they obfuscated it.

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6 hours ago, Dark Rain said:

does it pickup medium clues, it would be a perfect script if it would otherwise there is really no significant point to this script.


Pushed v 0.2

  • Added enabling run energy support
  • Added support for looting medium clue scrolls for p2p players

I tried changing the world, but they obfuscated it.

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42 minutes ago, Terminator1 said:

Why were you botting on a 12 years account?That to at Varrock guards? o.o


Just got back into game, hadn't played old school and was non members for first time in forever. So was just using it to get up 10 or so cb levels while I levelled up some new alt accounts. 

Noticed that it consistently misclicked and couldn't actually attack guards (kept trying to pickpocket), and would also run away from castle or upstairs, but left it on for a few hours nonetheless before deciding not to use it again.


All in all was a crappy script and lost me an incredibly important account, oh well. I just hope no one else uses or downloads this.

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5 hours ago, afgkid said:

this shit got me perm banned on 2 day old pure acc lol didint even run it for that long.

 like 50k str xp but its a good script but it gets u banned


You were probably flagged before using the script. I just made an account recently and got 70 strength, attack, and defense on f2p using this script in just 7 days of smart botting. No bans yet, going to be training ranged to 70 now too.


I tried changing the world, but they obfuscated it.

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UPDATE: I think script crashed - when you have low health the script tries to eat the food when the bank screen is open.

Doesn't click so food isn't deposited and screen essentially freezes.

I  left this on for around for 2-3 hours I assume while I was afk, glad I wasn't banned.


STR: 30

ATK: 30

DEF: 2

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Leveled all stats to 40+ right now.


Food deposit is working and it doesn't try to eat when its at bank - I think the training fixed it.

New problem - it ALWAYS clicks out of the map for some reason. I stay at the castle but it always clicks outside the walls - makes it obvious it is a bot.

I don't trust it enough to run away from desk.



1. Sometimes when attacking it clicks away from the necessary zone. (via map)

2. It tries to attack other people and the status remains "attacking" if you are on the same square and it looks like you are giving/taking damage.




NOTE: Also just tried to take a completely unnecessary trip to the bank when it clicked out - then tried to go back without banking.

Unfortunately I think I'm going to have to turn it off and use another - it's starting to occur every 30-45 seconds which makes it look like a bot 100%


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