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OS Grave Digger - Loots and Buries Bones

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This script picks up and buries bones [multiple types supported] in areas where there are a lot of bones lying around just waiting to be buried. The script has a feature that runs back to the area where the script was started, in case the player ends up too far away from the area with all the bones. This script has been tested in the Lumbridge cow pens. The amount of bones buried, and the experience gained is subject to the amount of other players looting bones. This bot does a fairly good job of beating other players to the bones.


Progress Reports:

I DO NOT recommend botting for this long.





        - Picks up bones until inventory is full

        - Buries bones

        - Supports many different types of bones (Big, Burnt, Babydragon, etc)

        - Drops any items it may have mistakenly picked up (Raw beef, arrows, anything other than bones)

        - Runs back to the starting area after a certain distance, if the player has deviated from the location. (Allows user to set max distance, default 35)

        - Enables Run mode after a certain energy level is reached

        - Simple informative paint



        - Empty inventory

        - Start in an area with a lot of bones for maximum efficiency

        - Run in FIXED MODE



        1) Find an area with a lot of bones available for looting

        2) Make sure the inventory tab is open

        3) Select the type of bones for looting from the drop down menu

        4) Select the maximum distance allowed before the player walks back to where the script was started

        5) Start the script





Known Issues:

        - Once in a blue moon, the client misclicks when burying bones, selecting the bone instead of burying it

        - If in the Lumbridge cow pens, sometimes the bot tries to walk to the chicken coop, however it corrects itself after a short time



 - Released!

 - Added support for more bones (big, burnt, wolf, monkey, bat, babydragon, dragon, wyvern)
 - Implemented UI for allowing users to select the desired type of bones to loot

 - Support for user defined maximum distance allowed before walking back to the starting location
 - Modified UI to allow for maximum distance field

 - Changed UI layout for a more linear view
 - Removed unused imports
 - Removed unused fields in PaintInfo class

 - Fixed bug where script would drop bones instead of burying
 - Added variance to mitigate detection
 - Updated Paint
 - Improved Bury task misclick recovery time
 - Added Time Till Level to Paint
 - Implemented Pick Up Antipattern
 - Fixed bug where script does not bury other bone types
 - Improved Antipattern
 - New mouse paint
 - Implemented Bury Antipattern
 - Antipattern overhaul

Feel free to post any progress reports, suggestions, issues or bugs you may have encountered while running the script.

Edited by Manbearpigcat

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i think the mouse is moving too mechanic, it does not flow, it just "teleports" directly to the position of the bones.. would you implement a some more antiban features?

Otherwise a super nice script! Thanks!

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Bot will walk back to start from Lumby cow pen (behind Mage tower) at values below 35. Will test with higher number and update if this changes.

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